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Glenair Capability Guide
Interconnect System Design Guide [ 22 MB pdf ]
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Product Lines
Connector Backshells and Accessories
Wire Protection Conduit Systems
High-Speed Datalink Connectors
Electrical Contacts
Embedded Subsystems
EMI / EMP Filter Connectors and TVS Devices
EMI / RFI Braided Shielding / Ground Straps
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cables
Heat Shrink Boots and Heat Shrink Terminations, Environmental
Hermetic Connectors
Industrial and Rail Power Connectors
Interconnect Assembly Tools
Interconnect Cable / Conduit Assemblies
Underwater / Subsea Connectors
Mil-Aero Circular Connectors
Mil-Aero Rectangular Connectors
Opto-Electronic Interconnect Solutions for Aerospace and Other Harsh Environments
PCB / Flex Interconnect Assemblies
Space-Grade Connector and Interconnect Cable Solutions
Star-Pan™ Soldier USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems
Ultraminiature Circular Connectors
High-Performance Wire and Cable
Branded Interconnect Product Lines
AlphaLink PC Board Connectors and Jumpers
AquaMouse™ 3500 PSI Miniature Connectors
Band-Master ATS™ Advanced Termination System
CODE RED Lightweight Hermetic
El Ochito® 10GB Ethernet Contacts
Eye-Beam® GMA Expanded Beam Connectors and Cables
Eye-Beam® GLT Expanded Beam F/O Connection System
Geo-Marine® 5000 PSI Connectors
GroundControl™ Earth Bonds
HiPer-D M24308 Type Connectors and Accessories
HiPer 55116 Radio Connectors and Cables
Star-Pan™ Soldier USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems
Swing-Arm® 3-in-1 backshells with integrated shield socks
MasterLatch™ Pre-Wired Latching Micro-D Connector with Insulated Wire
MasterWrap™ Flexible Wraparound EMI/RFI Braid
Micro-Crimp (Series 79) Connectors and Accessories
Mighty Mouse Connector Family
Mighty Mouse 806 Mil-Aero Connectors
Mighty Mouse Cobra
MouseBud™ Snap-lock Trigger-Release Connectors
PowerTrip™ Connectors
Piggyback Boots
Sav-Con® Connector Savers
SeaKing™ High-Pressure Subsea Connectors, Cables, and PBOF Assemblies
SuperFly® Nanominiature Connectors
SuperG55™ High-Pressure, Dry-Mate Subsea Connectors
SuperNine® Advanced Performance MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Type Connectors
SuperSeal™ Connectors and Accessories
Super-Twin™ Modular Connectors
TurboFlex™ - The Ultra Flexible Rugged Power Cable
Well-Master® High Temperature Micro-D Connectors
Catalog List - Alphabetical
AlphaLink PC Board Connectors and Jumpers
AmberStrand® Lightweight Composite EMI / RFI Braided Shielding
AquaMouse™ 3500 PSI Miniature Connectors
ARINC 801 Connectors and Termini / Series 180-159
ARINC 801 Fiber Optics
ArmorLite™ Lightweight EMI / RFI Braided Shielding
AS39029 QPL and Glenair Commercial High Performance Connector Contacts
BacNav OFS™ / Series 390
Band-Master ATS®
Bayonet-Lock Connectors / IPT Series
Blind-Mate Rack-and-Panel Environmental Connectors
Braided Wire Protection
CB Series "PogoPin" Connectors
Circular Connector Backshells and Accessories
CODE RED Lightweight Hermetic Connectors
Cold Shrink Boots, AutoShrink
Composite Thermoplastic Connectors and Accessories
Legacy Pre-Terminated Conduit Assemblies
Wire Protection Conduit Systems / Series 72, 74 and 75
Connector Contacts
Duralectric™ Jacketing Material
El Ochito® 10 GB Ethernet Contacts
EMI/EMP Filter Connectors and TVS Devices
Environmental Shrink Boots / Series 77
Environmental Test Laboratory
Eye-Beam® GMA Expanded Beam Connectors and Cables / Series 185-002
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cables
Ultra Harsh-Environment Geo-Marine® / Series 22 Underwater Connectors
GroundControl™ Earth Bonds
GT Pure Gas Tube Assemblies / Series 83
Guardian Conduit System / Series 72
Hat Trick Conduit System
Heat Shrink Boots
Heat Shrink Termination Sleeves
Hermetic Connectors
High-Speed Connectors and Protocols
High-Speed "DataLink" Transmission Connectors
High-Speed Datalink Contacts
HiPer-D® Connectors and Accessories / Series 28
HiPer 55116 Radio / Audio Connectors
HMI Lighting Connectors / Series 928
Hold-Down Release Mechanism Technology
Integrated Systems
IT Series
ITH Series
ITS-Ex / Series 927-072
ITS Assembly Manual
ITS 500 Series
ITZ 5015 Type [ 5 MB pdf ]
Light and Sound / Series CSOX [ 427 KB pdf ]
MasterWrap™ / Series 103
Micro-Crimp Connectors and Accessories
Micro-D Subminiature (M83513) Connectors
High-Performance Micro-D Connectors and Cables
Micro/Nano Flex Circuit Assemblies
Mighty Mouse Connectors and Cables / Series 80
Mighty Mouse Mil-Aero Connectors / Series 806
Mighty Mouse Cobra
MIL-DTL-28840 Connectors
MIL-DTL-28876 Fiber Optic Connectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III QPL Connectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV QPL Conectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III and IV QPL Hermetic Connector
MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III and IV Cylindrical Connectors
MIL-PRF-24758A Shipboard Conduit
Mil-Spec Backshells and Connector Accessories
MouseBud™ / Series 860
Nanominiature Connectors / Series 89
U.S. Navy Approved Connectors and Accessories
Octobyte™ Industrial Ethernet Connectors
Operation Semper Tan
Opto-Electronic Interconnect Solutions
PCB / Flex Interconnect Assemblies
Pneumatic Contacts / Series 830
PowerTrip™ Connectors / Series 970
Piggyback Boots
Radio Connectors and Cables
High-Reliability Power Connectors for Railway Applications
Rectangular Connector Backshells
Reverse-Bayonet Cylindrical Power and Signal Connectors / Super ITS / Series 921
RF Connector Protective Covers and Accessories / Series 65 and 66
RF, Microwave and Datalink Contacts / Series 85
Rugged Connectors for Geophysical and Offshore Applications
SAE/AS81703 Series 3 Type Connectors
Sav-Con® Connector Savers
Seacrow™ Connectors
SeaKing Underwater Connectors
Series ITS™ / MIL-DTL-5015 Type Reverse Bayonet Connectors
Shipboard Interconnect and Conduit Solutions
Glenair Space-Grade Interconnect Solutions [ 10 MB pdf ]
SpeedMaster™ 10G
Star-Pan™ Soldier USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems
StarShield™ Zero-Length Termination Backshells
Super-Twin™ / Series 20 [ 480 KB pdf ]
SuperFly® Ultraminiature Connectors and Cordsets / Series 88
Super-ITS Connectors
ITS-Ex Connectors
SuperNine® / Series 23
SuperSeal™ Connectors and Accessories
SuperSeal™ MIL-DTL-28840 Naval Connectors
Interconnect Cable Assembly Tools
TurboFlex™ Power Distribution Cables
Underwater Interconnect Assemblies / Series 10KPSI
Underwater / Subsea Connectors
Unipole Power Connector / Series IGE [ 693 KB pdf ]
UniPower Power Distribution Connectors [ 4 MB pdf ]
VG95234 Qualified Bayonet-Lock Connectors [ 9 MB pdf ]
VG95328 Qualified Bayonet-Lock Connectors [ 6 MB pdf ]
VG96929 Reverse Bayonet Single-Pole Connectors [ 10 MB pdf ]
Wire and Cable / Series 96
Well-Master High Temperature Micro-D Connector