CODE RED Hermetic Sealing

CODE RED Hermetic Sealing

"Mission-Critical" Hermetic Sealing with 1x10-7 Leak-Rate Performance

Hermetically-sealed interconnects used in vacuum or high-altitude applications prevent moisture and other contaminants from damaging sensitive electronic equipment. Glass-to-metal hermetic sealing has been the gold standard in the aerospace and petrochemical industries for decades due to the strength and long-term durability of the materials used. But glass-to-metal seal hermetics come with a big price tag in both weight and electrical resistance.

CODE RED is an innovative sealing encapsulant and application process — invented by Glenair — that provides durable hermetic sealing in a lightweight aluminum package. CODE RED allows for the use of conventional gold-plated copper alloy contacts, significantly improving electrical performance. CODE RED hermetic connectors are available now in Glenair SuperNine® (D38999 Series III type metal and composite), Series 80 Mighty Mouse, and M24308 D-Sub; and deliver reliable, life-of-system 1x10-7 max leak-rate hermetic sealing. Special non-magnetic (zero residual magnetism) versions are also available, consult factory.

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CODE RED Hermetic Sealing

Lightweight, Low Resistance

  • Full hermetic sealing, 1x10-7 in a lightweight aluminum shell with low electrical resistance gold-plated copper contacts
  • Meets NASA outgassing requirements, as well as aerospace temperature and corrosion resistance standards
  • Operating temperature -65°C to +200°C
  • Available today in Mighty Mouse 806 Mil-Aero, M24308/9 D-Sub and D38999/23 glass-to-metal seal hermetics
  • Significant weight savings—up to +50%
  • Order-of-magnitude improvement in current carrying capacity and electrical resistance compared to Kovar/Inconel solutions
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