Pneumatic Contacts

Pneumatic Contacts

For MIL-DTL-38999, Series 80 Mighty Mouse, and Series 79 Connectors

Series 830

Stainless steel pneumatic contacts fit MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, Glenair Series 80 Mighty Mouse and Series 79 Micro-Crimp®connectors. Contacts snap into size #12 cavities. Attach to 332 inch (2.38) diameter tubing. Socket contact has fluorosilicone O-ring and PTFE backup washers. Originally designed for pitot tube connections, these pneumatic contacts are rated for 100 psi maximum air pressure. No installation tool is required. Remove contacts with plastic extraction tool 809-132 (M81969/14-04).

  • Part number 857-010 has been superseded by 830-004.
  • Part number 857-011 has been superseded by 830-003.
  • Legacy parts will continue to be manufactured as part of the Glenair commitment to customer service and support.
  • See the Pneumatic Contacts Datasheet for ordering information.

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