Integrated PCB / Flex Circuit Assemblies

Integrated PCB / Flex Circuit Assemblies

Integrated Flex, Rigid Flex, and FPC Assemblies

  • Turnkey
  • Connectorized
  • In-House Rigid Board, Flex, and Rigid Flex Circuit Assemblies
  • IPC-6012/6013 Specializing in Class III, Types 1–4
  • Design, Prototyping, and Production

PCB/Flex Circuit Assemblies are an alternative to standard wire or ribbon cable in electrical wire interconnect systems. Designed to reduce size and weight — and improve reliability — Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) utilize thin layers of polymer film as a dielectric sandwiched between conductive circuit patterns etched into layers of copper foil cladding. After connectorization, these low-profile, lightweight assemblies may be installed directly within an electronic equipment housing as a turnkey sub-assembly.

PCB/flex circuit assemblies solve a myriad of problems for the electrical engineer, including unsurpassed size and weight reduction compared to cable bundles, especially in tight spaces with multi-branch routing. Flexible printed circuitry offers outstanding mechanical performance, and is able to withstand extreme vibration environments and extended duty through thousands of flexing cycles. Replacing complicated wire bundle assemblies with high-density flex circuit assemblies assures faster, error-free LRU assembly.

Glenair offers full-service, turnkey flex, rigid board, and rigid flex circuit assembly in our vertically-integrated design and manufacturing lab — from concept and Gerber design layout, through PCB/flex fabrication, termination to any of our I/O, board level or mezzanine connectors, and rigorous system validation testing and inspection. Ask us about our quick-turn 3D prototyping services.

Glenair Integrated PCB Flex Circuit Facility Virtual Tour Invitation

Glenair Integrated PCB Flex Circuit Facility Virtual Tour Invitation

Contact the Glenair Integrated PCB / Flex Circuit Assembly Team to book a virtual video tour of our facility

PCB/Flex Circuit Interconnect Assemblies

PCB/Flex Circuit Interconnect Assemblies

Turnkey connectorized flex, rigid flex, and rigid PCB assemblies incorporating Glenair's broad range of innovative small form-factor circular and rectangular PC-tail connector solutions. All terminations backpotted for compliance with conformal coating processes.

3-D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping XPedition Software with Rigid Flex License

3-D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping
XPedition Software with Rigid Flex License

  • Modeling and 3-D Print Rapid Prototyping
  • Solidworks 3-D Prototyping: "Virtual" Connector Modifications
  • 3-D Modeling for Connectorized Integrated Flex Circuit Systems
  • Glenair Integrated PCB/Flex Engineering: From 'Napkin Sketch' Concept to Design
In-House Connector Manufacture, Assembly, and Test

In-House Connector Manufacture, Assembly, and Test

  • Printed circuit board I/O connectors for rugged applications—made in America and in-stock
  • Rectangular and circular form factors, including MIL-DTL-38999, Series 80 Mighty Mouse, MIL-DTL-24308, MIL-DTL-83513, and others
  • Fully back-potted and sealed for ease-of-assembly, washout, and Parylene compatibility
  • Innovative wire-to-board terminations including surface mount, spring contact, compliant pin, and others
Connectorized Flex Circuit Assemblies

Connectorized Flex Circuit Assemblies

  • Point-to-point or multibranch connectorized jumpers
  • Flexible, repeatable routing for complex 3-dimensional installations
  • Save size, weight, and improve density compared to wire bundles
  • Broadest range of high-performance I/O and board connectors
  • Optimized reliability: high-speed, high temp, high shock and vibe
Rigid Board Assemblies

Rigid Board Assemblies

  • Rigid substrate assemblies for rugged durability and performance
  • Hard-mount points for connectors and surface-mount components
  • Ideally suited for double-sided component mounting
  • Superior performance in high shock and vibe applications
Rigid Flex Circuit Assemblies

Rigid Flex Circuit Assemblies

  • "Best of both worlds" combines durable rigid-board architecture with flex circuitry for double-sided component mounting and easy/flexible circuit routing
  • 3-D vibration-resistant flex routing advantage plus hard mount points and stiffeners as required
  • Integration of active componentry with flex circuitry
Glenair Integrated Flex Circuit Assemblies: A Unique Value Proposition

Glenair Integrated Flex Circuit Assemblies: A Unique Value Proposition

  • Connector Manufacturing
    Glenair is a vertically-integrated operation, with over 1 million square feet of engineering and manufacturing space in the United States, Mansfield U.K., and Bologna Italy. Only Glenair, amongst the many suppliers of Flex and Rigid Flex Circuit assemblies, offers such a broad range of high-reliability printed circuit board connectors of our own design and manufacture — including thousands of Mil-qualified and commercial I/O and PCB termination solutions. Glenair is IPC 610, ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.
  • Board Manufacturing
    Glenair offers IPC Class III manufacturing, up to 8 layers on flex and 26+ layers on rigid and rigid flex, multiple panel sizes and panel thicknesses up to .5 inch. A broad variety of materials are available for PCB/Flex fabrication, including Polyimide, FR-4, Rogers 4003, and Isola. Available surface finishes include ENIG, HASL, Ni/Au and more.
  • Turnkey Validation Testing and Production Delivery
    Glenair's in-house capability can meet every requirement, from a single piece to large production orders. All flex circuit assemblies are terminated, tested, and packaged in our in-house production lab.