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Glenair International Contact Details
Contact Location Tel
Glenair Corporate Headquarters Glendale, California, USA 818-247-6000
Glenair Microway Systems Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA 847-679-8833
Glenair Connecticut Connecticut, USA 203-741-1115
Glenair France Toulouse, France +33 5-34-40-97-40
Glenair GmbH Bad Homburg, Germany +49 (0) 6172 6816-0
Glenair Iberica Madrid, Spain +34-915-56-26-87
Glenair Italia S.p.A. Bologna, Italy +39-051-782811
Glenair Japan Nagoya, Japan +81-52-569-2521
Glenair Korea Co., Ltd. Gunpo-Si, Korea +82-31-8068-1090
Glenair Nordic AB Solna, Sweden +46-8-50550000
Glenair United Kingdom & Ireland Mansfield, England +44 1623-638100