Wiring Instructions for Series IT, ITB, and ITS Connectors

Wiring Instructions for Series IT, ITB, and ITS Connectors

The aim of this book is to show the users of Glenair's connectors the correct wiring and assembling system of the different piece parts which made up the connector.

Following these instructions will permit the less skilled wiring operator to avoid making mistakes which could damage the perfect working as well as the resistance of the connectors to the environmental agents.

The operations described here following are referred to the following connectors families which can be supplied both with crimp and solder contacts:

  • IT - FRIT (MIL-C-5015G)
  • ITB – ITS - FRITS ( VG 95234 )

For particular requests and versions, electrical and mechanical characteristics, we suggest to consult the catalogues of the different families.

For what is not described in this book or for any further information, please contact our Technical / Designing Office:

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