Same-Day Inventory Search

Same-Day Inventory Search

Consider over 200,000 different connector and accessory part numbers in stock, in quantity, and ready for expedited shipment. Consider as well that the entire inventory is available under Glenair's "no minimum order" purchase policy. And did we mention that includes virtually every Mil Spec accessory part number ever documented? The benefits are clear: treating Glenair's stockroom as your stockroom can reduce stock obsolescence and inventory control overhead, and free-up your company's financial assets for other opportunities. Enter your order before 11am and we’ll do our best to ship your order the same day!

To conduct a Same-Day Inventory Search, type a partial or complete Glenair or MS connectory accessory part number in the text field below and select "Enter" to search our same-day inventory for your desired component. Partial part numbers are acceptable. For a printed copy, please fill out the CD and Hard Copy Literature Request form.

While this is a real-time inventory, all items are subject to prior sale. Orders are shipped on a first-in, first-out basis.

Tips for using inventory search

  • If less than 25 part numbers matching your query are found, the part numbers and their quantities will be displayed.
  • If more than 25 part numbers matching your query are found, you will be asked to narrow your search by entering a more complete part number. For example, entering X21 will return more than 25 matches, but narrowing the search by entering X21-545 will result in less than 25 matches, and these matches will be displayed:
    • X21-545-275
    • X21-545-773
    • X21-545-778
    • X21-545-779
    • X21-545-855
  • If no matching part numbers are found, the results will indicate that 0 part numbers were found. This probably means that the part number is not in Glenair's Same-Day Inventory, but you may wish to check that the part number was entered accurately.
  • Dashes in a part number must be included in your query. For example, searching for 357-8980-060 by typing 3578980060 will return a message that 0 matching part numbers were found because the dashes were not included in the entered number (357-8980-060).
  • The Same-Day Inventory Search does not require or accept wildcard characters such as * or %. To search for all part numbers containing . 357,. such as 357-7916-070, 357-7916-140, 357-8980-060, 357-8980-120, and G9357-6N; type . 357. in the text field and select "Enter". All numbers containing . 357. will be listed.

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