Product Datasheets

Glenair Product Datasheets
No. Datasheet More Information
AlphaLink Spring-Loaded Solderless Contact PCB Connectors and Jumpers
AmberStrand Composite Metal-Clad EMI-RFI Braided Shielding
Annular Polymer-Core Conduit Systems / Series 72
AquaMouse 3500 psi Miniature Underwater Connectors
ArmorLite Microfilament EMI-RFI Braided Shielding
AutoShrink Cold-Action Shrink Tubing
BacNav OFS Repositionable Harsh-Environment Backshell
Band-Master ATS® EMI/RFI Shield Termination System |
Braided Ground Straps
Circular Composite Backshells and Accessories
CODE RED Lightweight Hermetic Sealing Solution
Complex Cable Assemblies
Conduit Wire Protection for Bus and Transit Applications
Connector Backshells and Accessories
Copper-to-Fiber Optoelectronic Video Media Converters
Dummy Contact Sealing Plugs
Earth Bond / Ground Stud Installation System
El Ochito® 24: The Ultimate High-Speed Contact
EMI-EMP Filter Connectors / Series 240
EMI / RFI Filter Pressure Transducers |
Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters
Fiber Optic ARINC 801 Low dB-Loss System / Series 180-159
Fiber Optic Connection System / Eye-Beam® GLT
Fiber Optic Connection System / Eye-Beam® GMA Expanded Beam
Fiber Optic Connection System / GFOCA Hermaphroditic
Fiber Optic Connection System / Glenair Front Release
Fiber Optic Connection System / Glenair High-Density (GHD)
Fiber Optic Connection System / D38999 Type
Fiber Optic Connection System / MIL-PRF-28876 |
Fiber Optic Connection System / Next-Generation High-Density
Fiber Optic Connection System / Termination, Inspection, and Troubleshooting Tools and Kits
Geo-Marine® Underwater 5000 psi Connectors
Glass-Sealed Hermetic Connectors
HD Stacker™ Board-To-Board Connectors
Heat Shrink Boots, Sleeves, and Adapters
Heat Shrink Termination (HST) Sleeves
Hermetic SpeedMaster 10G
High-Performance Helical Convoluted Tubing, Backshells, Fittings and Assemblies
HiPer-D High-Performance M24308 Type Intermateable Connectors
HMI Head-to-Ballast Lighting Connectors
HotShot Cables
Interconnect Assembly Tools
kV Seal™ High-Voltage Contacts |
Latching MicroStrips™ / Series 171
MasterWrap™ Flexible, Lightweight Wraparound EMI/RFI Shielding and Abrasion Protection
Meta-Loc Quick-Release Backshells
Metal-Core and M24758A Conduit / Series 75
Mighty Mouse Cobra™ Ultra-Low Profile EMI-RFI Plug and Backshell
Mighty Mouse Locking Push-Pull / Series 824
Mighty Mouse Quick-Disconnect / Series 804
Mighty Mouse Micro Miniature Connectors / Series 80
MT Ferrule Fiber Optic Connection System / Series 79
MIL-DTL-28840 QPL Connectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III QPL Connectors |
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV QPL Connectors |
MIL-DTL-83513 QPL and Commercial Micro-D Connectors
Military-Grade Ethernet Switches and Breakout Cables
MouseBud Snap-Lock Trigger-Release Connectors
NAVSEA-Approved Shielded Composite Junction Boxes
Nano Miniature - MIL-DTL-32139 QPL and Glenair MCOTS Solutions
Non-Pyrotechnic Space Mechanisms / HDRM's, Pin-Pullers and Pushers
Octobyte Rugged 4-8 Pole Ethernet Interconnet System
Optoelectronic Connectors
PBOF Cable Assemblies
PCB-Mount Optoelectronic Transceivers, Transmitters and Receivers
Photonic Technology
Piggyback Shrink Boot Connector Adapters
Pneumatic Rotary Gas Joints for High-Pressure Pure-Air / Argon Applications and Systems
PowerTrip™ Connectors for Extreme Environments / Series 970
Purple PEEK Fiber Optic Convoluted Tubing System | |
QPL and HiPer 55116 Audio Connectors
RF, Microwave, and Datalink Contacts
Rectangular Backshells and Accessories
Rectangular Connector Next-Generation Micro Miniature / Series 791
SeaKing 700 PEEK
SeaKing Junior
SeaKing Power
Reverse-Bayonet Power and Signal Connectors / Series ITS - 5015 Type
SAE-AS81703 Series 3 Type Lanyard-Release Connectors
Sav-Con Connector Savers
SeaKing™ 10Kpsi Underwater Connectors
SeaKing™ Fiber Optic
Series 806 Mil-Aero Connectors
Series 806 Mil-Aero Fiber Optic Connectors
Series ITS-Ex Explosive Zone Power and Signal Connector Series
SGEMP-Resistant Wire | | |
Size #8 Cavity Optoelectronic Transmitter and Receiver Contacts
Signal Aggregation Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters
Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed, Single-Direction, High-Pressure Pneumatic
Space-Grade Blind-Mate Float-Mount and Assisted-Release Connectors
SpaceWire Flight- and Lab-Grade Cable Assemblies
SpeedMaster 10G Ethernet
SpliceSaver™ - Crimp Wire Termination Solution Saves Time and Labor Over Manual DO150 Splicing |
STAR-PAN™ Integrated Soldier Multiport USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems
STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager
STAR-PAN™ Power Management
Star-Shield™ Zero-Length Individual Termination Backshells
Super ITS 5015 Type High Performance Reverse Bayonet Connectors
Super-Twin Lightweight Composite Modular Connectors / Series 20 |
SuperFly® Nano Miniature and Micro Miniature Tactical Connectors / Series 88
SuperG55™ High-Pressure Dry-Mate Underwater Connectors
グレンエアジャパン - SuperG55™ Glenair Japan
SuperNine Advanced Performance MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Type Connectors |
SuperSeal Ruggedized RJ45 and USB Connectors
Swing-Arm Composite 3-in-1 Backshell
ThermaRex Cryogenic and High-Temperature Tolerant Connectors
Micro Miniature Crimp Contact Rectangular Connectors / Series 79
Well-Master® 260° High-Temperature - High Pressure Micro-D Connectors
Wired Conduit Assemblies