AS39029 QPL and Glenair Commercial High-Performance Connector Contacts

High-Performance Mil-Spec and Commercial Contacts

AS39029 QPL and Glenair Commercial High-Performance Connector Contacts

Glenair brings a new perspective to the supply of high-performance Mil-Spec and commercial contacts: High Availability! Whether you need a standard duty socket for a MIL-DTL-28840 connector or an extended duty pin for MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, we have you covered with products that are always in stock — with no dollar or quantity minimums. In addition to the broadest selection and availability, Glenair also delivers outstanding interconnection compatibility. Glenair QPL SAE-AS39029 as well as our proprietary contact series are guaranteed to mate properly and perform at the upper limits of application requirements.

SAE AS39029 Crimp Contacts

In a marketplace saturated with specialty interconnection media, the SAE-AS39029 crimp contact is still the "bread and butter" of the circular connector world. Serving platforms like the D38999, M28840 and countless others, AS39029 crimp contacts continue to offer reliable power and signal transmission in ruggedized applications. A myriad of sizes, termination options and materials mean that end users don’t have to compromise performance or reliability.

High Performance Shielded Contacts

Glenair shielded contacts are fabricated from the best available materials and manufacturing processes. Conductive elements are gold-plated copper alloy. Dielectrics are high-performance fluorocarbon. When applicable, contacts are approved to SAE AS39029.

Fiber Optic Contacts

Today, the use of fiber optic systems to carry digitized video, voice and data is universal. High-performance fiber optic interconnect technologies, combined with satellite and other broadcast media, enable high-speed specialized applications in avionics, robotics, weapon systems, sensors, space and other high performance environments. Highly engineered fiber optic contacts, or termini, are the key to delivering low data loss and reliable, repeatable performance in fiber optic connection systems.

Our Series 80 Mighty Mouse Size #23 Crimp Contacts

Like all high-performance crimp contact systems, Series 80 Mighty Mouse contacts are terminated to wire using precision crimp tools, and are then snapped into place by hand or with a hand held insertion tool. Damaged or miswired contacts may be removed from the connector using special extraction tools. Although the connectors are supplied with a full complement of contacts, extra contacts are commonly purchased as spares or to use for quality assurance purposes, such as crimp tensile tests. Coaxial contacts are also typically ordered separately, as customers prefer to specify the exact performance values for these specialized shielded contacts.

Thermocouple and Other Special Purpose Contacts

Glenair produces a wide range of special purpose contacts including high power and high ampacity contacts, pneumatic contacts, PC Tail contacts for board terminations and thermocouple contacts for use in temperature measuring applications. We also produce all the small accessory items, such as sealing plugs, that make us a convenient one-stop-shopping destination for users of high-performance Mil-Spec and commercial connectors and contacts.

Crimp Contact Introductions

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We invite our customers to take advantage of the breadth and depth of our contact product line, especially in terms of its high-availability and our willingness to engineer unique and special-purpose contact solutions for virtually any interconnect challenge.

PC Tail Termination Note

To prevent detrimental intrusion of cleaning solvents/water into the connector when terminating, the connector must be protected IAW IPC J-STD-001 and/or NASA STD-8739.3. For assistance and/or additional information, please contact factory.

SAE-AS39029 Crimp Contacts

SAE-AS39029 Crimp Contacts

High Performance Pin and Socket Crimp Contacts

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QPL and Commercial High Performance Fiber Optic Termini

QPL and Commercial High Performance Fiber Optic Termini

Industry Leading Fiber Optic Technology

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Special Purpose High Performance Contacts

Special Purpose High Performance Contacts

Thermocouple, Pneumatic, PC Tail, High Power, Solder Cup, and More

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Crimp Tools and Accessories

Crimp Tools and Accessories

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