High-Speed SpeedMaster™ 10G Connectors

High-Speed SpeedMaster™ 10G Connectors

High-Speed IFEC Connector System available for Glenair Series 23 SuperNine, Series 824 Mighty Mouse and Series 28 HiPer-D Connectors

The SpeedMaster contact module, incorporating size 22D contacts, for Cat 6A High-Speed networks is available in three industry proven connector styles for general purpose, military and commercial applications. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse 824 locking push/pull connector – an industry standard for size and weight reduction, makes upgrades and repairs easy thanks to its push/pull, quick disconnect design. In addition Glenair also offers the SpeedMaster for our HiPer-D rectangular and Series 23 SuperNine, 38999 type connectors. Our HiPer-D, M24308 connector, features precision-machined aluminum shells and aerospace-grade fluorosilicone grommets that out-perform standard stamped and formed shells. Our growing family of 38999 type SuperNine connectors is constantly improving on this venerable design and the SpeedMaster contact module is part of that growing line-up. Anyway you look at it Glenair has you covered with a High-Speed solution that can deliver tomorrows next generation Cat 6A performance today.

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SpeedMaster™ 10G

Signal Integrity Test Reports: SpeedMaster

SpeedMaster Signal Integrity Test Report
GT-17-13 SpeedMaster Cat 6a Compliance 10G BASE-T/Cat 6a Compliance Testing Glenair SpeedMaster Contacts and 24AWG Aerospace Grade SF/UTP CAT 6a Cable 19 Jan 2017
SpeedMaster Mechanical / Electrical Test Report
GT-20-268 Hermetic SpeedMaster Qualification Qualification Test Report Glenair Hermetic SpeedMasterConnector, MIL-DTL-38999, Series III Type 12 Oct 2020
Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Series 824 Product Specifications

Series 824 Connectors

  • 824-009-06 Plug
  • 824-010-01 In-line Receptacle
  • 824-010-00 Front Panel Mount, Jam Nut Receptacle
  • 824-010-07 Rear Panel Mount, Jam Nut Receptacle
HiPer-D (M24308)

HiPer-D (M24308)

Series 28 In-Line Connectors

  • 280-101M Plug
  • 280-098F Receptacle

Series 28 Rear Panel Mount Connectors

  • 280-102M Plug
  • 280-099F Receptacle

Series 28 Float Mount Connectors

  • 280-103M Plug
  • 280-100F Receptacle
SuperNine (38999 type)

SuperNine (38999 type)

Series 23 Specifications


  • Series 23 Connectors
  • 233-219-G6 Plug
  • 233-219-00 Wall Mount Receptacle
  • 233-219-07 Jam Nut Receptacle


  • Series 23
  • PC Tail Connectors - How To Order
  • PC Tail, Wall Mount Receptacle - Dimensions
  • PC Tail Jam-Nut Receptacle - Dimensions


  • Series 37
  • Aluminum Alloy Backshell - Dimensions