SpeedMaster™ 10G


Optimized for High-Speed Cat-6A Ethernet. Easy to Assemble and Terminate Size #22D Contacts. Available Now in MIL-DTL-38999 Series Packaging.

Newly developed SpeedMaster™ 10G is purpose-designed to meet the performance requirements and installation/use preferences of aerospace industry manufacturers. Optimized for high-speed Cat 6A Ethernet performance, the SpeedMaster™ 10G system offers industry-leading NEXT, return loss and insertion loss performance due to its highly-engineered isolation and separation architecture. Easy to assemble, terminate, install and repair, the SpeedMaster™ 10G utilizes size #22D contacts, tools, and cable, and meets the broad range of aerospace industry requirements for random vibration, temperature cycling, durability, and safe, reliable performance.

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