TurboFlex™ Power Distribution Cables

TurboFlex™ Power Distribution Cables

The Ultra Flexible Rugged Power Cable

TurboFlex™ power distribution cables are constructed from highly flexible conductors and high-performance insulation to produce cables ideally suited for applications where flexibility, durability, and weight reduction are required. Amazingly durable and flexible — especially in cold weather — the 16 AWG to 450 MCM TurboFlex cable features high strand count rope lay inner conductors made with tin-, nickel- and silverplated copper. TurboFlex is jacketed with Glenair's unique Duralectric™ compound that provides outstanding flexibility and resistance to environmental and chemical exposure. Duralectric is also low smoke, zero halogen.

Long life and performance are critical in power distribution applications. TurboFlex, with its flexible conductors and durable jacket delivers both.

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