Glenair Video Library

Installation, Termination, Stripping and Operational Procedures

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El Ochito® Contact Termination Procedure
Connectors and Backshells
BacNav OFS™ Termination Procedure BacNav OFS™ Assembly Procedure Packed with Part
Composite Backshell Assembly Procedure
Shrink Boots, Jackets and Shields
Autoshrink™ |
Heat Shrink Boot Installation Procedure
Heat Shrink Termination Procedure Series 77 HST Installation Procedure
StarShield™ HST Installation Procedure Series 77 HST Installation Procedure
TurboFlex™ Insulation Stripping Procedure TurboFlex Insulation Removal Procedure
MIL-PRF-24758A Conduit Assembly and EMI Shield Termination Procedure
Assembly Tools
600-161 Digital Torque Wrench Operational Demonstration
Band-It® Pneumatic Desktop
Band-It® Termination Removal Process
Band-It® Shield Termination Process: Elliptical Backshells
Band-It® Shield Termination Process: Band Repositioning
Band-It® Shield Termination Process: Overall & Individual Shield Bundle
Band-Master ATS® Hand Banding Tools Overview and Procedure
Band-Master ATS® Pneumatic Banding Tool Overview and Procedure
IMM Earth Bond Principle
IMM Earth Bond Stud Setting System
IMM Earth Bond Stud Setting Using PMA10 Tool
IMM Earth Bond Stud Setting Using PMT6 Tool
Standard Band-It® Shield Termination Process
Fiber Optic Videos
Step 1 - Fiber Optic Cable Preparation
Step 2 - Fiber Optic Terminus Assembly
Step 3 - Fiber Optic Terminus Polishing
Step 4 - Fiber Optic Harness Testing
Step 5 - Fiber Optic Contact Insertion and Removal
Step 6 - Fiber Optic Terminus Cleaning and Testing
RJ45 SuperNine® Mil-Dtl-38999 Series III Type Connectors
233-312 Assembly Animation