GroundControl™ Earth Bond System

GroundControl™ Earth Bond System

The Quickest, Easiest, and Most Cost Effective Solution to Installing and Maintaining Grounding Connections on Steel Plate and Sheet Metal

Glenair's GroundControl™ Earth Bond System is the quickest, easiest, most cost effective solution to installing and maintaining grounding connections on steel plate and sheet metal. The GroundControl™ Earth Bond consists of two precision machined components: a stainless steel conical dowell and an electro tin plated copper bush.

  • Lightweight hydraulic setting tool
  • Requires no welding, impacting, cleaning, or surface preparation
  • Quality repeatable termination even to uneven and curved surfaces
  • Consistent connection providing low electrical resistance
  • Bond is installed from one side only
  • Available for aluminium and steel plates from 1.5mm thick and upwards
  • High strength joint

The Glenair Earth Bonding system was first introduced to the Rail and Mass Transit industry for creating a secure electrical grounding system permitting passage of high current in case of electrical short circuit. The method of achieving electrical connection requiring no heat, cleaning or impact. Only a drilled hole to the required diameter and connection using a light-weight, hand hydraulic setting tool. The first requirements were for electrical grounding to steel or stainless steel materials followed by the need for grounding connections to aluminium. For steel the interface between the earth bond and grounding plate is via a tin plated copper bush and where aluminium is used the bush is manufactured from nickel-plated aluminium. As the requirement for weight reduction continues to grow and carbon fibre materials replace steel and aluminium the need to secure grounding remains paramount.


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GroundControl™ Earth Bonds Hydraulic Setting Tool 600-120, 600-123, 600-124, 600-125

600-120, 600-123, 600-124, 600-125
GroundControl™ Earth Bonds Hydraulic Setting Tool

The tools feature one hand operation and ram retract mechanism actuated by release trigger. Each tool is supplied with plastic carrying case and splinned punch. Consult factory for control gauges and other accessories.

UNC Thread GroundControl™ Earth Bonds, 687-481

UNC Thread GroundControl™ Earth Bonds

  • For Steel and Stainless Steel Plates
Metric Thread GroundControl™ Earth Bonds, 687-481

Metric Thread GroundControl™ Earth Bonds

  • For Steel and Stainless Steel Plates
GroundControl™ Earth Bond Ground Studs, 687-482

GroundControl™ Earth Bond Ground Studs

  • Male earth bonds, aluminum
  • For use with aluminum plate