Heat Shrink Boots for Reliable Environmental Sealing and Strain-Relief in Interconnect Cable Systems: For Cable and Wire Harness Applications in Ruggedized Military, Space, and Industrial Environments

Heat Shrink Boots for Reliable Environmental Sealing and Strain-Relief in Interconnect Cable Systems

Mil-Qualified • Tacom Approved • Commercial

Series 77Series 770

Glenair Series 77 Full Nelson Environmental Heat-Shrink Boots and Molded Shapes provide robust protection of the wire-to-connector interface in interconnect cable harness applications. Connector / cable boots are supplied with an adhesive inner coating that activates with a watertight seal with the application of heat. Qualified to numerous military and industrial specifications, our heat- and cold-shrinkable boots, sleeves and molded shapes are temperature, solvent, and abrasion resistant.

In addition to military standard materials, the series is now available in 5 additional materials, including Zero Halogen Polyolefin for regulated environmental safety applications and Low Outgassing Fluoropolymer Alloy that meets NASA requirements. Series 77 boots are also TACOM qualified to SC-X15111D specifications and our Type 1 high-performance material can be ordered in 10 optional colors to match cable colors or provide color coding. Properly applied, these adhesive-lined shrink boots provide a dependable, leak-proof seal for interconnect cable assemblies. If you are looking for an even quicker solution try our Piggyback boots which are supplied pre-shrunk onto the adapter, leaving you to only shrink the portion around the cable and reducing your production time. So if you're worried about sealing effectiveness, if you want long-lasting environmental protection, if you want an ingress prevention solution that won't lose its grip after years and years of service, get a Series 77 Full Nelson.

Low Outgassing Space-Grade Shrink Boots

Series 77 / Type 8 Boot Material

Special fluoropolymer formula IAW ASTM E 595 provides mechanical strain relief, wire routing and environmental protection for electrical interconnect systems in space and high-altitude applications

Glenair's new type 8 low outgassing shrink boot material is ideally suited for the broad range of space vehicle, satellite, and station applications that require outgassing performance IAW ASTM E 595. The specially formulated polymer is injection molded in newly-manufactured mold tools that deliver precise dimensionality and professional appearance. Use Glenair two-part epoxy (part number 779-001) to achieve a watertight, high-strength bond to the cable jacket and the connector or adapter. A complete range of shrink boot types and styles may be supplied for connectors ranging from standard mil spec designs to Glenair small form factor solutions such as the Series 80 Mighty Mouse, Series 88 SuperFly, and others.

Duralectric AutoShrink™

The fast and easy cold-action shrink tubing solution from Glenair

Designed for rugged weathering, UV and ozone-resistant performance, Glenair AutoShrink is the one-piece easy-action solution for Turboflex® cable and lug termination, splice insulation, and Duralectric® jacketing repair. Universal design AutoShrink tubing delivers reliable and durable sealing as well as mechanical protection for cable end terminations in harsh military and industrial applications. Built from Glenair Duralectric material, AutoShrink is fully hydrophobic and resistant to caustic chemicals and solvents. Easy-action spiral hold-out and large cold shrink ratio makes for fast installation and durable, split-resistant performance.

Glenair Series 77 Full Nelson TACOM APPROVED Shrink Boots

High-performance Series 77 Full Nelson environmental shrink boots manufactured by Glenair in Glendale, California are now approved by the US Army Tank-Automotive Command (TACOM). Manufactured from high-temperature crosslinked elastomeric polymer material and/or caustic chemical-resistant Viton polymer, Glenair straight and right angle long-tail shrink boots, Y and T transitions, convoluted strain-relief boots and heat-shrinkable adapter shims have been added to the following source control documentation:

Browse and Download Thousands of Glenair Connector and Backshell CAD Drawings, Models, and 3D Parts

Browse and Download Thousands of Glenair Connector and Backshell CAD Drawings, Models, and 3D Parts

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Environmental Shrink Boots / Series 77 Full Nelson

Environmental Shrink Boots

Mil-Qualified • Tacom Approved • Commercial. Series 77 and Series 770 Full Nelson.

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AS85049 Shrink Boots

AS85049 Shrink Boots

Section B

Lipped Adapter Shrink Boots

Lipped Adapter Shrink Boots

Straight, 90°, 45°, and 30° Angle Lipped Boots available in Standard, Short, Long Tail, Hi-Ratio, Heavy Wall, and Convoluted Styles

Section C

Lipless Adapter Shrink Boots

Lipless Adapter Shrink Boots

Environmental Sealing and Strain Relief for Direct Attachement to Connectors without Boot Adapter

Section D

Series Specific Boots

Series Specific Boots

For Mighty Mouse, HiPer-D®, Nanominiature, SuperSeal™, and Superfly®

Section E

Heat Shrink Transitions

Heat Shrink Transitions

WYE and TEE Heat Shrinkable Boot Transitions for Cable Management and Routing Solutions

Section F

Metal and Composite Shrink Boot Adapters

Metal and Composite Shrink Boot Adapters

Light-Weight Cable Sealing Solution

Section G

Piggyback Shrink Boot Connector Adapters

Piggyback Shrink Boot Connector Adapters

Metal and Composite Piggyback Boot. Connector backshell and heat shrink boot assemblies. Heat shrink boot is pre-positioned and partially recovered onto the backshell / adapter. Piggyback boots improve boot sealing performance and reduce assembly time.

Section H