MasterWrap™ Flexible Wraparound EMI/RFI Braid and other Special-Purpose Shielding Technologies

MasterWrap™ Flexible Wraparound EMI/RFI Braid and other Special-Purpose Shielding Technologies PALS Approved

Tubular braided sleeving meets the broad range of EMC shielding and mechanical protection requirements of aircraft harness assemblies. But the need to apply conductive shielding materials over installed aircraft wire and cable bundles requires new technology. Legacy self-wrapping cable braid has long been available for EMI/RFI applications and abrasion protection, albeit with poor performance due to its heavy weight, inflexibility, and "windowing," which results in poor shielding performance. MasterWrap™, a lightweight, easy-to-install, side-entry, self-wrapping shielding solution — incorporating Glenair microfilament ArmorLite™ and composite thermoplastic PEEK fibers — solves these problems and more. MasterWrap™ is ideally suited for both long-run wire harness protection as well as spot coverage and maintenance of EMC cable applications — all with outstanding weight reduction and ease-of-assembly. MasterWrap™ is qualified for use at major aircraft manufacturers for both long cable runs and spot coverage and repairs.

Glenair PALS Approved Interconnect Technologies reduce assembly process-time and skilled labor requirements in EWIS applications.
  • MasterWrap™ with ArmorLite™
  • MasterWrap™ Nomex®
  • ArmorLite™ and Nomex® Spot-Coverage Tape Wrap
  • Tapered Tubular EMI/RFI Braid

MasterWrap™ Wraparound Braid Features

MasterWrap™ Weight Reduction and EMI Shielding Performance

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MasterWrap™ ArmorLite™

MasterWrap™ ArmorLite™

For long runs and spot coverage.

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MasterWrap™ (Nomex®)

MasterWrap™ (Nomex®)

MasterWrap™ (Nomex®) is the ideal solution for mechanical abrasion protection of wire bundle harnessing in aircraft applications. Available color selections allow for easy identification and labeling of wire circuitry.

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Adhesive EMI Shielding Tape 103-173

Adhesive EMI Shielding Tape

Glenair 103-173 adhesive EMI shielding tape is an ideal solution for shielding of critical EMC terminations under cable overmolds, as a patch for on-site coverage of EMI holes, or as an EMC shielding solution for entire cables. The lightweight nickel-coated copper fabric is backed with a conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive that secures the tape in place, and adheres to itself and to EWIS components. It is an ideal finishing solution for holding Glenair MasterWrap in place. Conveniently supplied in .5", 1", and 1.5" width on 25 yard rolls.

ArmorLite™ Mesh Tape (non-adhesive) 103-058

ArmorLite™ Mesh Tape (non-adhesive)

ArmorLite Lightweight™ Shielding Tape for 360° EMI Spot Coverage and Repair

Mesh Tape, Nomex™ (non-adhesive) 103-102

Mesh Tape, Nomex™ (non-adhesive)

Lightweight Tape, Nomex® for Mechanical/Abrasion Spot Coverage and Repair

Tapered Tubular Metal Braid 100-041

Tapered Tubular Metal Braid

Tapered Tubular Metal Braid, AmberStrand®, ArmorLite™, Nickel/Copper, Silver/Copper or Tin/Copper

Nickel 200 Tubular Metal Braid 100-218

Nickel 200 Tubular Metal Braid

Special-Purpose for Shipboard Applications