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Vibration and Shock Test Reports: Connectors
GT-18-106 Series 23 SuperNine® (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Type) Qualification Test Report, Bell 299-100-829 Vibration and Mating Durability 233-205 SuperNine Plug and Receptacle 23 May 2018
Signal Integrity Test Reports: Contacts
GT-14-12 El Ochito 1G Ethernet Contacts Qualification Test Report 858-003 & 858-004 31 Jan 2014
GT-14-14 El Ochito 10G Ethernet Contacts Qualification Test Report 858-003 & 858-004 03 Feb 2014
GT-15-40 El Ochito - Size 8 Multi-Pair Contact for Differential Applications High Speed Characterization Report 858-008 PCB Mount Socket; and 858-003 Cable Mount Pin 16 Mar 2015
GT-15-121 Glenair Ochito Contacts and 26 AWG Aerospace Grade S/FTP CAT 6a Cable 10G BASE - T/Cat 6a Compliance Testing Glenair Ochito Contacts and 26AWG Aerospace Grade S/FTP CAT 6a Cable 08 Oct 2015
GT-17-07 SpeedMaster Qualification - D38999 Qualification Test Report Glenair SpeedMaster, 10G Connector, MIL-DTL-38999, Series III Type (233-219) 20 Jan 2017
GT-17-13 SpeedMaster Cat 6a Compliance 10G BASE-T/Cat 6a Compliance Testing Glenair SpeedMaster Contacts and 24AWG Aerospace Grade SF/UTP CAT 6a Cable 19 Jan 2017
GT-20-268 Hermetic SpeedMaster Qualification Qualification Test Report Glenair Hermetic SpeedMasterConnector, MIL-DTL-38999, Series III Type 12 Oct 2020
GT-17-265 Glenair Ochito "Blue" Signal Integrity Characterization Report High Speed Characterization Report 858-029-02
07 Sep 2018
GT-18-060 Superfly Ochito Mating Durability Testing Qualification Test Report Superfly Plug: 887-441-02
Superfly Receptacle: 887-442-02
13 Apr 2018
GT-18-131 Ochito "Red" Contact and Cable Assemblies Signal Integrity Characterization Report P/N: 82H-85179 – Pin Contact
P/N: 83H-85178 – Socket Contact
02 Jun 2018
Signal Integrity Test Reports: Connectors
GT-14-18 High Speed Mighty Mouse / Series 801 High Speed Characterization Report for Differential Data Applications 801-038-07M6-7SA High Speed PC Tail Connector; and 801-036-16M6-7PA High Speed Cable Mount Connector 05 Mar 2014
GT-14-19 Micro-D SI High Speed Characterization Report for Differential Data Applications GMR7580-9S1BXX PCB Mount; and MWDM2L-9P-XXX-XX Cable Mount 14 Apr 2021
GT-14-59 High Density Mighty Mouse / Series 811 High Speed Characterization Report for Differential Data Applications 811-005-07 PCB Mount Receptacle; and 811-001-06 Cable Mount Plug 23 Jul 2014
GT-15-56 SuperFly / Series 88 - Ultraminiature Circular Connector High Speed Characterization Report 880-032RB PCB Mount Receptacle; and 880-001PA Cable Mount Plug 09 Jun 2015
GT-16-95 Dual-Row Nano – Vertical SMT High Speed Characterization Report For Differential Data Applications 16 Jun 2016
GT-16-97 Dual-Row Nano – Vertical Thru-Hole High Speed Characterization Report For Differential Data Applications 05 Dec 2016
GT-17-131 High Speed Stacker High Speed Characterization Report for Differential Applications GSTBL-120-.270-G1 Top Mounted Connector
GSTB-120-.095-G1 Bottom Mounted Connector
08 Jan 2019
GT-17-221 Stacker Qualification Test Report MIL-DTL-55302G 27 Oct 2017
GT-18-149 SuperSeal™ HDMI Preliminary Qualification Tests 2330-0455ZR07-17NH-06
22 Jul 2018
GT-19-230 Glenair VersaLink Micro-D Connector Signal Integrity Characterization Report For Glenair VersaLink Micro-D Connectors GVLM-BS & GVLM-BR 29 Aug 2019
Test Report
T 37663 Flammability 12 Second Vertical Ignition Test Report Glenair Modified Neoprene Material #EX464A 23 May 2003
Wire and Wire Protection
GT-14-40 TurboFlex™ Wire Evaluation Test Report Glenair Drawing Numbers: 961-001, 961-002, 961-003, 961-004 22 May 2014
GT-15-173 Flex Testing of TurboFlex Wires to AS4373 Method 704 Flex Testing of Two Wire Specifications 961-004-T-C-2 & 961-003-N-C-0 05 Nov 2015
GT-16-153 Autoshrink Immersion Insulation Resistance Testing Qualification Test Report TurboFlex Cable, Duralectric Jacket, Autoshrink 07 Sep 2016
GT-16-190 Viton Jacketed Cables Repaired with Glenair Autoshrink Investigative Test Report Cable, Viton Jacket, Autoshrink, Glenair Duralectric Adhesive 20 Oct 2016
GT-17-181 Wet Arc Propagation and Wet Short Circuit Testing of TurboFlex™ to AS4373 Method 509 and EN3475 Method 605 Final Test Report of Two (2) Wire Specification TurboFlex™ Power Distribution Cables 18 Aug 2017
GT-17-261 Qualification of ThermaRex 300°C Helical Polymer Conduit Test Report No. PR066282 120-159-1-1-16C ThermaRex helical polymer conduit 19 Jan 2018
GT-18-044 Voltage Withstand of TurboFlex and M22759/187 at Sea Level and Altitude TurboFlex DWV Testing TurboFlex and M22759/187 28 Mar 2018
GT-20-282 ThermaRex™ Wire Qualification Test Report (Ref. QTP-850) 960-2371-N-C-9-5-A 03 Jun 2020
Interconnect for Airborne Power Distribution Technical Reference Guide
GT-20-394 Reference Guide (Two-page spreads) Reference Guide (Single pages, print friendly) July 2020
ArmorLite™ Test Reports - EMI/RFI Tubular Expandable Braided Shielding for EMC Applications
ARM-100 Salt Spray 10 Mar 2011
ARM-101 Vertical Flammability 11 Nov 2010
ARM-103 Nickel Braided Stainless Steel (103-051-024) Accelerated Aging Test Report 09 Jun 2010
ARM-105 Tensile Pull Strength 10 Mar 2011
ARM-106 Fluid Immersion 19 Jan 2011
ARM-109 Specific Gravity 28 Dec 2011
ARM-110 Lightning Current 02 Dec 2011
ARM-110-1 Braid Resistivity Pre and Post 28 Dec 2011
ARM-112 Flex 24 May 2011
GT-17-263 ArmorLite Braid (103-051) Testing 04 Apr 2018
GT-20-766 ArmorLite CF Braid (103-126-016) Thermal Shock and Endurance 16 Dec 2020
Band-Master ATS® Testing
GT-14-75 Glenair Advanced Band Termination System Slim Standard Band Testing 24 Oct 2014
GT-14-74 Glenair Advanced Band Termination System Nano Band Testing 17 Sep 2014
GT-14-33 Glenair Band-Master ATS Micro Tool Endurance Test 23 Apr 2014
Underwater Connectors Qualification Testing: SeaKing™ and SuperG55
Qualification Test Plan (QTP-523) SeaKing™ 700 Series Sub-Sea Connectors 17 Oct 2016
Test Report No. 37-0816 Qualification Testing of Glenair Super G55 Subsea Connector Series to QTP G55 15 Sep 2016
Composite Connectors and Assemblies: Thread Locking Compounds and Cleaning Solutions

Note: Glenair does not recommend the use of locking compounds of any kind on composite threads to maintain torque. Proper tightening using approved Glenair tools is the best method of insuring torque retention for the life of the product. [ Advisory ]

Application Notes
AN0001 SuperSpeed USB Implementation 05 Jul 2018
AN0002 Ochito PCB Design Rules Rev A 01 Feb 2021
AN0003 GHSM PCB Design Rules Rev A 10 Apr 2020
AN0005 Versalink PCB Design Rules Rev A 29 Jul 2020
AN0007 AlphaLink Interposer PCB Design Rules Rev A 31 Jan 2020
AN0009 Glenair HD Stacker S-parameter Models Rev A 29 Jul 2020
AN0011 Improving Insertion Loss Budgets by using VersaLink Bridge 14 Apr 2021