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By: Chris Toomey

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QwikConnect Outlook Column
Publish Date QwikConnect Issue Outlook Column
2021 January Interconnect Technology for Manned Space Flight Distance Gives Perspective
2020 October A Tribute to Space 2021 Calendar A Slice of Life
2020 July Signature High-Speed Interconnect Solutions Come As You Are
2020 April Rugged Fiber Optics and Photonics In the Shadow of Wuhan
2020 January STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager The Right Place at the Right Time
2019 October Military Working Dogs 2020 Calendar Trip Or Kick?
2019 July World-Class Manufacturing Next Stop, Shangri-la
2019 April Electrical Wiring Interconnect System: Zone-by-Zone Design Guide Available Steering Wheel
2019 January Mil-Aero Connector Reference Guide Take Action
2018 October A Glenair Photo Tribute to Women in Aviation Goose Bumps
2018 July Multi-Gigabit Optoelectronic Datalinks for Mission-Critical Applications Availability Plus
2018 April Constant, Relentless Interconnect Innovation The Courage to Begin
2018 January Small Satellites and the Global Internet Revolution How We Get There
2017 October JTAC™ STAR-PAN™ USB Hub / Power Distribution Systems Customer Loyalty
2017 July Serious Interconnect Cable Capabilities If not, why not?
2017 April 20 Years of Mighty Mouse Brutal Honesty
2017 January Optimizing Flex for High Speed Why the Boy Scout?
2016 October Deep Dive: Glenair Subsea Interconnect Technologies Good Ideas
2016 July Interconnect System Design Guide What a team!
2016 April Celebrating 60 Years of Interconnect Excellence Guiding principles redux
2016 January Embedded Subsystem Electronics and Optoelectronics @ Glenair The Pulse of the Industry
2015 October Stopping Leaks Before They Happen Dollars vs. Dimes
2015 July Customer-Driven Interconnect System Innovation Innovation
2015 April International Partnerships and the Future of Space Exploration Group Focus versus Individual Focus
2015 January New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems Taking the Time to Salute
2014 October SuperNine® Rate Readiness
2014 July The Art of Optoelectronics Velocity
2014 April Special Report: Why Quality Matters Gift or Letter Bomb?
2014 January Industrial Strength Interconnect Solutions It Ain't a Microwave
2013 October Rectangular Lollapalooza Fruit or Vegetable?
2013 July Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Bots of War Actively Engaged
2013 April Mighty Mouse - The New High-Performance Standard Word-of-Mouth
2013 January Interconnect Technologies for Civil Aviation Leadership
2012 October Designing Interconnects for Space One Era Ends, Another Begins
2012 July Engineer's Reference Guide Aircraft on Ground
2012 April Out of this World Interconnect Solutions Out of this world
2012 January Factory Terminated Conduit Assemblies Marvin T. Borden, Glenair Founder
2011 October High-Speed Interconnect Solutions Glenair Guiding Principles
2011 April Glenair Connector Reference Guide Every Day is a Winding Road
2011 January The Glenair Eye-Beam™ Fiber Optic Revolution Living Life Backwards
2010 October Electronica 2010: New Product Launch Extravaganza The Red Queen Effect
2010 July Special Report: Design Trends in High-Performance Interconnect Systems To Swap or Not to Swap?
2010 April Super Solutions to Mega Rust We Take Mil-Specs Seriously!
2010 January Interconnect Cable Harnesses and Assemblies for Mission-Critical Applications Outstanding in His Field
2009 October Out of This World: Connector Accessory Lollapalooza! How Not To Succeed
2009 July Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" Connectors and Cables for Mission-Critical Applications On Being Human
2009 April Connector Technology For the Vanguard of Innovation Plus...Connector Reference & Design Guide Vasa Matter with Wall Street?
2009 January The Long Goodbye - Is it Time to Bid Cadmium Adieu? One More Shot