Glenair, Inc. General Privacy Policy Statement

Effective Date: 01 September 2019

This Privacy Policy statement pertains to Personal Data we collect via our website, at trade shows, via submitted forms, purchase orders or by any other such means. By using our website, completing such forms or by directly providing Glenair staff with your personal data, you agree to Glenair’s Privacy Policy as permitted by applicable law.
The Glenair Catalog Library App, AKA "The Glenair App," hosted by the third-party Apple, Inc. App Store is controlled under a different Privacy Policy Statement in compliance with applicable law and iPad App requirements. The statement may be viewed here:
The Glenair website contains links and references to other websites administered by unaffiliated third parties; any such third party websites are not governed by this Privacy Policy Statement.
Glenair International offices in Germany, France, Italy, The UK and Nordic regions maintain individually controlled web domains (.de, .fr, .it,, and .se respectively) and are explicitly not governed by this Privacy Policy Statement.
Glenair uses your Personal Data to complete transactions, respond to information or support requests, manage your customer account, or to fulfill other business-related functions or compliance obligations.
We share your Personal Data internally to complete business transactions, respond to information or support requests, manage your customer account, or to fulfill other business-related functions or compliance obligations.
Glenair does not use, nor do we allow third parties to use, cookies on our website for the purpose of tracking individual visitors or for the collection of personal information. Any personal information captured and retained by Glenair from our website is solely and exclusively from forms completed by the user, for example to request a quote, access support services or as follow-up to a transaction.
In compliance with the
  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), and
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
You have the right to access and request deletion of such personal data as well as the right to verify its content, origin, and accuracy, as required by applicable law. For example, should you no longer wish to receive QwikConnect or other communications from Glenair, you can request deletion from our mailing list at any time using the provided "Opt-Out" Form on our website.
Glenair reserves the right to deny the request for deletion if the information is necessary for the ongoing completion of business transactions, detection of security incidents, fraud prevention, or for internal uses reasonably aligned with consumer expectations.
Glenair maintains reasonable IT and organizational protections to prevent Personal Data from unauthorized access, unauthorized use, inadvertent destruction, or disclosure. We likewise provide appropriate protections during cross-border transfers of Personal Data, as required by applicable law. You may request a copy of the suitable mechanisms we have in place by contacting us as detailed below.
In the conduct of normal business activities, we may collect the following categories of Personal Data as provided by you via the completion of an on-line form or as a result of direct interaction with Glenair staff, such as at a trade-show, conference or sales meeting:
  • Name, company affiliation, job title and contact information
  • Compliance information: Government identifiers and eligibility data.
  • Transaction information: Billing, shipping and account information.
  • Employment, education or other resume details as provided by you in connection with employment opportunities.
As stated previously, we do not track and retain device information such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, unique device identifier (UDID), location, or other such information commonly collected in such third-party technologies. "Do Not Track" requests are not necessary for users of or subsidiary websites. Users may choose to enable "Do Not Track" in the preferences setting of their Internet browser without impacting their experience or access to content on
Glenair may share your supplied Personal Data with outside third parties to enable them to perform such tasks as product shipments, logistics, mailing services, regulatory compliance, quality system audits, fiduciary audits, or in compliance with any subpoena or legal process as required by law or to protect Glenair’s legal rights and property in defense of any legal claims.
We rely on the following legal grounds for the possession, processing and use of Personal Data in the performance of such activities:
  • Performance of a transaction with you (e.g., responding to your requests);
  • Compliance with legal obligations (e.g., keeping records to substantiate a tax liability);
  • Consent, as permitted by applicable law (e.g., for the purposes of sending direct marketing communications.
This is the current version of our Privacy Notice. It is a dated and controlled document in accordance with Glenair Quality System practices. Changes to this Privacy Policy Statement may be made from time-to-time due to business considerations, or as required by law.
Please contact us at with any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy Statement, to request access to your Personal Data, or to review Glenair Personal Data IT and organizational protection mechanisms.