ITS Assembly Instructions

Contact Termination & Connector/Backshell Assembly Instructions for Series IT (MIL-C-5015), Series ITB and ITS (VG95234) Connectors

Assembly Instructions

The goal of this manual is to show Glenair connector users the correct wiring and assembling processes involved with the different components that comprise the connector.

Following these instructions will help the less skilled wiring operator to avoid making mistakes that could affect the assembly's reliability.

The following connector families can be supplied with both crimp and solder contacts:

  • IT - FRIT (MIL-C-5015G)
  • ITB – ITS - FRITS ( VG 95234 )

For specific customer requirements, detailed electrical and mechanical characteristics or other information, please contact the ITS Product Management Team at our Glenair Connecticut office.

Wiring Instructions for Series IT, ITB, and ITS Connectors

Wiring Instructions for Series IT, ITB, and ITS Connectors

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Connector Description

Table of Required Tools

Cable To Contacts Termination Instructions

Connector Termination Instructions

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