Glenair Interconnect Solution Seminar Series

Free On-Site Technical Seminars from the Glenair Factory: Hosted Lunch-and-Learns on Key Interconnect Design Topics – from weight reduction to EMI Filtering

Glenair Interconnect Solution Seminar Series

The interconnect industry‚Äôs most innovative engineering and design team is just an e-mail away — ready to deliver the best technical seminar your staff will attend this year. Choose from eight new, cutting-edge interconnect seminars, or contact the factory to arrange a special session tailored to your exact requirements.

  • Learn new ways to optimize interconnect system performance — from size and weight reduction to improved environmental sealing
  • Take advantage of unprecedented face time with Glenair's application development and engineering Team
  • Walk away with all the samples, technical literature, and design ideas necessary to solve your toughest interconnect system challenges

Interconnect Seminar No. 1

Design Innovations Guaranteed To Advance Interconnect System Performance

Interconnect Seminar No. 1
Seminar Topics
Connector Miniaturization
System Weight Reduction
EMI Filtering and Shielding
Advanced Environmental Sealing
High-Speed Interconnections

Interconnect Seminar No. 2

Cost-Effective Size And Weight Reduction In Interconnect Systems

Interconnect Seminar No. 2
Seminar Topics
Composite thermoplastics
Micro-filament cable shield termination processes and technologies
Connector Miniaturization
Contact density optimization

Interconnect Seminar No. 3

Protecting Electronic Equipment From Costly Environmental Damage With Advanced Connector Sealing Technologies

Interconnect Seminar No. 3
Seminar Topics
Environmental connector classes and duties
Materials selection for maximum durability
Metal-to-glass hermetics
Submersible/Marine solutions
Accessory sealing solutions
CBRN qualified components

Interconnect Seminar No. 4

Fast, Effective And Proven Solutions To Electromagnetic Interference

Seminar No. 4
Seminar Topics
EMI/EMC Basics
EMC Design Strategies and Solutions
Cost Effective EMC Technologies
Connector Filtering as a Design Solution
EMP Connector and Box Solutions

Interconnect Seminar No. 5

Integration Of Ethernet And Other High-Speed Data Bus Protocols In Mission-Critical Applications

Seminar No. 5
Seminar Topics
Data bus protocols
High-speed MS circulars
USB/RJ field solutions
Alternatives to standard ethernet connectors
Optimizing contact/wire performance

Interconnect Seminar No. 6

Optimizing Bandwidth, Speed And Security With Fiber Optic Technologies

Seminar No. 6
Seminar Topics
Fiber optic data-link technology
Singlemode vs. multimode
Termini design protocols
Fiber optic interconnect system design
Innovation in expanded-beam systems

Interconnect Seminar No. 7

Designing Performance Into Interconnect Cables – From The Ground Up

Seminar No. 7
Seminar Topics
Factors that impact cable design and construction
Strengths and weaknesses of available cable design options
Practical application checklist for cable designers
Glenair's cable design, construction and testing capabilities

Interconnect Seminar No. 8

Taking Advantages Of The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Composite Thermoplastic Interconnect Systems

Seminar No. 8
Seminar Topics
Composite thermoplastic material science
Weight savings and corrosion resistance
Composite thermoplastics and lightning strike
Qualifications and performance benchmarks
Next-generation composite interconnect technologies