Glenair Sales Group - Southern California

Serving Counties :: LA, San Bernardino, San Fernando, San Gabriel Valley, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Ventura, El Segundo, South Bay, San Diego, Imperial

Glenair is a mil-qualified supplier of a broad range of high-reliability electrical and optical interconnect products. All Glenair products and application design services are geared for interconnect systems that must withstand harsh levels of electrical, mechanical and environmental stress.

Glenair Sales Group Southern California is the "eyes and ears" for Glenair in the region. We are well positioned to service each customer with outstanding support for even the most challenging interconnect applications. Our sales professionals are factory trained and ready to serve as that "extra pair of hands" on your design team.

Regional Sales Directory > Southern California

Southern California Contact Information
Name Tel Email Counties Served
Matt Ballyns 714-746-4288 El Segundo, South Bay Cities
Chad Heydorff 858-587-0030 San Diego, Imperial Counties
Jesse Toedtman 858-997-7442 San Diego, Imperial Counties
Sheila Lewis 310-641-2133 Official Manager
Kevin McMichael 714-308-6207 Orange County, Riverside County
David Moore 323-691-5488 Los Angeles County - Downtown, East
Mike Schmit 818-288-2961 San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, San Bernadino County
Rob Weiler 805-371-4770 Ventura County and Santa Barbara County

Office Address

5601 W. Slauson Avenue
Suite 138
Culver City, California