Glenair Sales Group - Rocky Mountain

Colorado, Utah, Wyoming

Glenair is a mil-qualified supplier of a broad range of high-reliability electrical and optical interconnect products. All Glenair products and application design services are geared for interconnect systems that must withstand harsh levels of electrical, mechanical and environmental stress.

Glenair Sales Group Rocky Mountain is the "eyes and ears" for Glenair in the region. We are well positioned to service each customer with outstanding support for even the most challenging interconnect applications. Our sales professionals are factory trained and ready to serve as that "extra pair of hands" on your design team.

Serving :: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah
Name Tel Email Areas Covered
Rhonda Ahrens 303-748-0214 Colorado (I-70 North), Wyoming
Brian Dawson 303-898-4349 Colorado (I-70 South)
Bob Haluska 574-286-1224 Utah
Chris Parsons 831-818-4320 Utah

Office Address

721 N Main Street #303
Layton, Utah