Eye-Beam™ GLT Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connection System

Eye-Beam™ GLT Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connection System PALS Approved

Innovative GRIN Lens TerminiEasy Connector Integration

The Glenair Eye-Beam™ contact utilizes an innovative free floating expanded beam lens and ultra high precision ceramic alignment sleeves as well as custom designed terminus bodies to ensure perfect alignment of optical signals and optimal optical performance. Best of all, the Eye-Beam™ can be integrated into virtually any circular or rectangular connector package.

Glenair PALS Approved Interconnect Technologies reduce assembly process-time and skilled labor requirements in EWIS applications.


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Eye-Beam™ Expanded Beam

Eye-Beam™ Expanded Beam

Innovative Expanded Beam Termini Deliver Optimal Performance in Harsh Environments

  • All the benefits of an expanded beam connection system built into a versatile F/O terminus
  • Factory-terminated F/O Eye-Beam™ GLT termini easily integrated into any connector package
  • Innovative expanded beam lens terminus expands signal 27X from a standard 9.3 micron fiber core
  • Revolutionary design delivers low dB loss (1.5 dB multimode, 2.0 dB singlemode untuned) performance while reducing maintenance, inspection and test costs
  • Ultra-high precision ceramic sleeves and custom designed terminus bodies ensure axial alignmen
Interactive Module Selection Guide

Fiber Optic Termini Selection Guide

Interactive matrix of Glenair fiber optic termini, including mil-qualified M29504 part numbers as well as Glenair Signature high-density, GRIN-lens, jewel, expanded beam, and MT solutions. Complete technical specifications organized by optical performance and mechanical properties, plus direct links to all Glenair manufactured Fiber Optic Termini order information.