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Design Features

  • Breech lock coupling design, rapid advance, self-locking
  • Eight shell sizes; Range: 9 through 25 (.500 to 1.500 diameter)
  • 12, 16, 20, and 22 gage contacts, standard density and 22 gage high density arrangements; 3 to 128 contacts
  • 16 gage fiber-optic insert arrangements
  • Scoop proof shell design to prevent shell to contact problems
  • Controlled accessory interface with metric threads
  • Ruggedized construction for shipboard service
  • Cork and bottle primary interface and shell environmental seals, fluid resistant fluorosilicone elastomers
  • Conductive and non-conductive finishes; cadmium/olive drab 500 hour salt life, electroless nickel, anodic, and stainless steel


  • 100 percent scoop proof, positive shell mating
  • Same accessory interlock teeth as MIL-C-38999, Series III
  • Same o-ring seal features as MIL-C-38999, Series III
  • Same metric thread features as MIL-C-38999, Series III