MIL-C-38999 Connectors, Series 2 Crimp Type Contacts Rear Release

Glenair Designator Code F

The Connector Accessory > Contact Types

Design Features

  • Bayonet coupling design, quick disconnect, captive
  • Eight shell sizes; Range: 8 through 24 (.500 to 1.500 diameter)
  • 16, 20, and 22 gage contacts, standard density and 22 gage high density arrangements; 3 to 128 contacts
  • Shell ground available on MS and commercial part numbers
  • Controlled accessory interface per MIL-C-38999 figure 11
  • Cork and bottle primary interface and shell environmental seals, fluid resistant silicone elastomers
  • Conductive and non-conductive finishes; electroless nickel, cadmium/olive drab, 500 hour salt life, and anodic
  • Short barrel construction for minimum envelope
MIL-C-38999 Connectors, Series 2 Crimp Type Contacts Rear Release; Glenair Designator Code F


  • Very short barrel, shell may strike pin contacts
  • Wire seal grommet controlled to maximum condition only, over compression will cause contact splaying
  • Same limitations as MIL-C-38999 Series 1
  • Same limitations as Series 1, exaggerated due to short barrel