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Circular Connector Accessories Catalog Reference

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Use the following basic procedures to assist in selecting the proper circular connector backshells and accessories for the application:

  1. Use the Product Selection Guide to select the backshell or accessory type desired.
  2. Examine the exploded views and associated descriptions at the beginning of the selected product series section to further aid in choosing the desired backshell or accessory.
  3. Determine the connector designator for the connector to be used from the connector index listings below. (The connector designator is a vital element of all Glenair backshell part number developments!) It is also recommended to print these pages out as well:
  1. Select the applicable product series page which applies to the selected connector designator. For connectors which have an anti-rotation provision for backshells, it is recommended that backshells with rotatable coupling nuts be used. Information on rotatable and direct coupling backshells is shown here, Reference Information Backshell Interface Standards and Connector Designators.
  2. Develop the desired accessory part number from the information given on the product series page, and the data given on the Backshell Interface Dimensions Table (Table I). Be sure to use the correct shell size designations in the accessory part number as listed for each connector designator table.
  3. Select the desired finish for the accessory from the table of Standard Finishes (Table II) and insert the appropriate Glenair Symbol in the accessory part number. For EMI/RFI/EMP applications, be sure an electrically conductive finish is used.
  4. Determine if a selected backshell is Style 1 or Style 2 configuration:
  1. If in doubt, contact the factory or your local Glenair sales-engineering representative for assistance and guidance in selecting the appropriate backshell or accessory for your application, or for any accessory design not shown in this catalog.