Military Part Number Reference Guide

Linked part numbers on this page (under Military P/N column) are cross-referenced to Glenair commercial part numbers. Unlinked part numbers should be ordered using the military part number.

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Military Part Number Reference Guide
Military P/N Original Commercial P/N Catalog P/N Description
MS3057A GS3057A 620-053 Style A Strain Relief Clamp
MS3057B Consult factory 620-053 Style B Strain Relief Clamp
MS3057C G8651 620-053 Style C Strain Relief Clamp
MS3057D GS3105 620-053 Style H Strain Relief Clamp
MS3105 650BS001B --- Stowage Receptacle
MS3115 650DS001 650DS001 Stowage Receptacle
MS3152 GTR62 450AS001 Straight Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS3153 GTR42 450AB001 45° Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS3154 GTR71 450AA001 90° Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS3158 GS3158 310AS001 Shrink Boot Adapter
MS3180 660-008G 660-008 Protective Cover, Plug
MS3181 660-009G 660-009 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS3184 GS3184 --- Adapter
MS3186 GS3186 --- Jam Nut
MS3188A GS3188A 390AA001 90° Backshell, EMI
MS3188B GS3188B 370AA001 90° Backshell, environ.
MS3188C GS3188C 380AA001 90° Backshell, EMI
MS3189A GS3189A 390AB001 45° Backshell, EMI
MS3189B GS3189B 370AB001 45° Backshell, Environ.
MS3189C GS3189C 380AB001 45° Backshell, RFI/EMI
MS3415 GS85049/43 620AB047 45° Strain Relief Clamp
MS3416 GS3416E 610AS011 E Nut
MS3416G GS3416G 310AS001 E Nut, Shrink Boot
MS3417 GS3417 620AS046 Strain Relief Clamp
MS3418 GS3418 620AA046 90° Strain Relief Clamp
MS3419 GS3419 440AS063 Adapter, Crimp Ring, EMI
MS3420 Consult factory --- Bushing, Rubber
MS3437A GS3437A 390AS001 Backshell, EMI, Environ.
MS3437B GS3437B 370AS001 Backshell, Environ.
MS3437C GS3437C 380AS001 Backshell, EMI
MS3480 TG38 --- Tool
MS3481 TG39 --- Tool
MS3482 TG61 --- Tool
MS20047 660-012 --- Protective Cover, Recept.
MS20048 660-013 --- Protective Cover, Plug
M24758/1 GS2475/1 --- Flexible, Conduit, EMI/EMP
M24758/2 GS2475/2 --- Straight, Conduit Fitting
M24758/3 GS2475/3 --- 45° Conduit Fitting
M24758/4 GS2475/4 --- 90° Conduit Fitting
M24758/5 GS2475/5 --- Conduit, Fitting
M24758/6 GS2475/6 --- Conduit, Fitting
M24758/7 GS2475/7 --- Conduit, Stuffing Tube
M24758/8 GS2475/8 --- Conduit, Fitting
M24758/9 GS2475/9 --- Adapter
M24758/10 GS2475/10 --- Adapter
M24758/11 GS2475/11 --- Adapter
M24758/12 GS2475/12 --- Adapter
M24758/13 GS2475/13 --- Adapter
M24758/14 GS2475/14 --- Adapter
M24758/15 GS2475/15 --- Adapter
M24758/16 GS2475/16 --- Adapter
M24758/17 GS2475/17 --- Adapter
M24758/18 GS2475/18 --- Adapter
M24758/19 GS2475/19 --- Adapter
MS25042 660-004C 660-004 Protective Cover, Plug
MS25043 660-005C 660-005 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27291 GS27291 620ES050 Strain Relief Clamp
MS27292 660-021 660-021 Protective Cover, Plug
MS27293 660-019 660-019 Protective Cover, Plug
MS27294 660-022 660-022 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27295 660-020 660-020 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27296 650ES014 --- Stowage Receptacle
MS27297 650ES015 --- Stowage Receptacle
MS27342-1 Consult factory --- Adapter
MS27342-2 Consult factory --- Strain Relief Clamp
MS27352 660-014 Protective Cover, Plug
MS27353 660-015 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27485 GS2748S --- Adapter, Potting Boot
MS27501 660-012 660-012 Protective Cover, Plug
MS27502 660-013 660-013 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27506 GS27506 620FS054 Strain Relief Clamp
MS27507 GS85049/47 620FA012 90° Strain Relief Clamp
MS27510 G2470 660-014 Protective Cover, Plug
MS27511 G2469 660-015 Protective Cover, Recept.
MS27512 Consult Factory --- Jam Nut
MS27514 Consult Factory --- Jam Nut
MS27558 G2221-1A --- 90° Strain Relief Clamp
MS27559 G2221-1B --- 90° Strain Relief Clamp
MS27566-1 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27566-2 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27566-3 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27566-4 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27566-5 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27566-6 Consult factory --- Backshell, EMI
MS27668 GTR64 450FS001 STR. Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS27669 GTR105 450FB001 45° Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS27670 GTR87 450FA001 90° Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
MS27741 G1285 410-003 Tag Ring
M28840/1 GS28840/1 620GS051 Straight Strain Relief
M28840/2 GS28840/2 --- 90° Strain Relief
M28840/4 GS28840/4 --- Conduit, Flexible, Metal, Core
M28840/5 GS28840/5 --- Backshell, Conduit, EMI/EMP
M28840/6A GS28840/6A --- Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M28840/6B GS28840/6B --- Backshell, Environ.
M28840/6C GS28840/6C --- Backshell, EMI
M28840/7 GS28840/7 --- Stowage Receptacle
M28840/8A GS28840/8A --- 90° Backshell, Split, EMI, Environ.
M28840/8B GS28840/8B --- 90° Backshell, Split, Environ.
M28840/9A GS28840/9A --- 45° Backshell, Split, EMI, Environ.
M28840/9B GS28840/9B --- 45° Backshell, Split, Environ.
M28840/13 GS28840/13 660-010 Protective Cover, Recept.
M28840/15 GS28840/15 660-011 Protective Cover, Plug
M28840/22 GS28840/22 --- Bushing, Conduit
M28840/23 GS28840/23 --- E Nut
M28840/30 GS28840/30 --- Conduit Union
M38999/1 G8092 610FS011 E Nut
M38999/2 G8094 310FS001 Shrink Boot Adapter
M38999/3 G8095 440FS063 Adapter, Crimp Ring, EMI
M38999/4 G8093 400FA001 Adapter, Tag Ring, EMI
M38999/5 G3784 390FS012 Straight Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M38999/6 G3484 --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M38999/7 G3584 380FS008 Straight, Backshell, EMI
M38999/8 G8337 380FD007 90° Backshell, EMI
M38999/9 G9114 650FS001 Stowage Receptacle
M38999/10 G8449 650FS002 Stowage Receptacle
D38999/28 GS38999/28 --- Jam Nut
D38999/32 GS38999/32 660-023 Protective Cover, Plug
D38999/33 GS38999/33 660-024 Protective Cover, Recept.
D38999/50 650HS007 650HS007 Stowage Receptacle
M81511/13 620JS001 620JS001 Straight Strain Relief Clamp
M81511/14 G61700 --- Straight Backshell, EMI
M81511/15 --- --- Sealing Plug
M81511/16 610JS012 610JS012 E Nut
M81511/17 660-002 660-014 Protective Cover, Plug
M81511/18 660-003 660-018 Protective Cover, Recept.
M81511/19 650JS002 650JS002 Stowage Receptacle
M81511/20 Consult Factory --- Jam Nut
M81511/29 660-001 660-016 Protective Cover, Plug
M81511/30 650JS001 650JS001 Stowage Receptacle
M81511/40 Consult factory --- Spacer
M83723/15A Consult Factory 620AA046 90° Strain Relief
M83723/15N GS3416E 610AS011 E Nut
M83723/15S Consult Factory 620AS046 Strain Relief
M83723/16M GS3416G --- Shrink Boot Adapter
M83723/27M G2619 310KS002 Shrink Boot Adapter
M83723/35N G62981 --- Backshell
M83723/35S G62976 --- Strain Relief
M83723/35R Consult factory --- 90° Backshell
M83723/44 660-009 660-009 Protective Cover, Recept.
M83723/45 650DS001 650DS001 Stowage Receptacle
M83723/46 --- 660-008 Protective Cover, Plug
M83723/50A GTR53 --- Straight Qwik-Ty, Strain Relief
M83723/50B GTR81 --- 45° Qwik-Ty, Strain Relief
M83723/50R GTR89 --- 90° Qwik-Ty, Strain Relief
M83723/59-1 G8456 660-021 Protective Cover, Plug
M83723/59-2 G8454 660-019 Protective Cover, Plug
M83723/60-1 G8455 660-022 Protective Cover, Recept.
M83723/60-2 G8453 660-020 Protective Cover, Recept.
M83723/61-1 G8457 650ES001 Stowage Receptacle, Threaded
M83723/61-2 G8458 650ES002 Stowage Receptacle, Bayonet
M83723/70 GS83723/70 --- Shrink Boot Adapter
M83733/15 G61570 --- Backshell, EMI
M83733/16 G8179 --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M85049/1 --- 620-053 Style B Strain Relief
M85049/2 G8651 620-053 Style C Strain Relief
M85049/3 GS85049/3 --- Backshell, Straight
M85049/4 GS85049/4 --- Backshell, Straight
M85049/5 GS85049/5 --- Backshell, Straight
M85049/6 GS3189A 390AB001 45° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/7 GS3189B 370AB001 45° Backshell, Environ.
M85049/8 GS3188A 390AA001 45° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/9 GS3188B 370AA001 90° Backshell, Environ.
M85049/10 GS3437A 390AS001 Backshell, Straight, EMI, Environ.
M85049/12 GS3437B 370AS001 Backshell, Staight, Environ.
M85049/14S 610HS006 --- E Nut
M85049/15G 450HB020 --- 45°, Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
M85049/15S 450HB020 --- 45°, Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
M85049/16G 450HA020 --- 90°, Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
M85049/16S 450HA020 --- 90°, Qwik-Ty Strain Relief
M85049/17 G3784 390FS012 Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/18 G8422 390HS011 Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/19 G8406 380HS106 Backshell, EMI
M85049/20 G8379 440FS063 Adapter, Crimp Ring
M85049/21 G8419 --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M85049/23 GS3189C 380AB001 45° Backshell, EMI
M85049/24 GS3188C 380AA001 90° Backshell, EMI
M85049/25 GS3437C 380AS001 Straight Backshell, EMI
M85049/26-1 GS3419 440AS063 Adapter, Crimp Ring
M85049/26-2 GS85049/26-2 --- Crimp Ring
M85049/26-3 GS85049-26-3 440AS063 Adapter, with Crimp Ring
M85049/27 G8092 610FS011 E Nut
M85049/27S 610FS007 --- E Nut
M85049/28 G61570 --- ---
M85049/29 G3484 --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M85049/30 G8093 400FS001 Adapter, Tag Ring, EMI
M85049/31 GS3416 610AS011 E Nut
M85049/31S 610AS005 --- E Nut
M85049/33-2 G8095 440FS063 Adapter, Crimp Ring
M85049/34 GS3184 --- Adapter
M85049/36 G3584 380FS008 Straight Backshell, EMI
M85049/37 G8337 380FD007 90° Backshell, EMI
M85049/38 G9135 620HS011 Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/38S GS85049/38S 620HS048 Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/39 G9139 620HA011 90° Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/39S GS85049/39S 620HA048 90° Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/41 GS3057 620-053 Style A Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/42 G8079 620-053 Style H Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/43 620AB033 620AB047 Strain Relief Clamp
M85049/44 G8179 --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M85049/45 GS85049/45 --- Straight Strain Relief
M85049/46 GS85049/46 --- 90° Strain Relief
M85049/47 GS85049/47 620FA012 90° Strain Relief
M85049/47S GS85049/47S 620FA048 90° Strain Relief
M85049/47SS GS85049/47SS --- 90° Strain Relief
M85049/48 Consult factory --- Backshell, Strain Relief
M85049/49-2 620FS012 620FS012 Straight Strain Relief
M85049/49-2S GS85049/49-2S 620FS048 Straight Strain Relief
M85049/49-2SS GS85049/49-2SS --- Straight Strain Relief
M85049/50 Consult factory --- Straight Backshell
M85049/51-1 GS85049/51-1 620AA046 90° Strain Relief
M85049/51-S 620AA023 620AA048 90° Strain Relief
M85049/52-1 GS85049/52-1 620AS046 Straight Strain Relief
M85049/52-S 620AS023 620AS048 Straight Strain Relief
M85049/53 GTR62 450AS001 Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/54 GTR42 450AB001 45° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/55 GTR71 450AA001 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/55G 450AA005 450AA001 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/55S 450AA021 --- 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/56 GTR64 450FS001 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/57G 450FB022B 450FB001 45° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/57S 450FB022 --- 45° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/58 GS85049/58 --- Adapter, Potting
M85049/59 G8534 --- Adapter, Potting
M85049/60-1 G3158 310AS001 Shrink Boot Adapter
M85049/60-2F G3416G --- Shrink Boot Adapter
M85049/61 GS27332 --- Adapter, Potting
M85049/62 G8094 310FS001 Shrink Boot Adapter
M85049/63 GTR87 450FA001 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/63G 450FA022G 450FA001 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/63S 450FA022 --- 90° Strain Relief, Qwik-Ty
M85049/64 GS85049/64 --- Strain Relief, Split
M85049/65 GS85049/65 --- 90° Strain Relief, Split
M85049/66 GS85049/66 --- Strain Relief, Split
M85049/67 GS85049/67 --- 90° Strain Relief, Split
M85049/69 G8414 310HS001 Shrink Boot Adapter
M85049/74 Consult factory --- Potting Boot
M85049/75 --- Potting Boot
M85049/76 GS85049/76 390FK011 45° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/77 GS85049/77 390FL011 90° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/78 GS85049/78 390HK011 45° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/79 GS85049/79 390HL011 90° Backshell, EMI, Environ.
M85049/80 --- --- Contact
M85049/81 --- --- Contact
M85049/82 GS85049/82 440AS069 Straight Backshell, Band, EMI
M85049/83 GS85049/83 440AH069 45° Backshell
M85049/84 GS85049/84 440AJ069 90° Backshell
M85049/85 GS85049/85 440FS069 Straight Backshell
M85049/86 GS85049/86 440FH069 45° Backshell
M85049/87 GS85049/87 440FJ069 90° Backshell
M85049/88 GS85049/88 440HS069 Straight Backshell
M85049/89 GS85049/89 440HH069 45° Backshell
M85049/90 GS85049/90 440HJ069 90° Backshell
M85049/91 GS85049/91 620HS042 Straight Strain Relief
M85049/92 GS85049/92 620HA042 90° Strain Relief
M85049/93 GS85049/93 687-207 Bushing, Split, Banding
M85049/94 Consult factory --- Nut Plate
M85049/95 Consult factory --- Nut Plate
M85049/96 Consult factory --- Nut Plate