High Reliability Power Connectors for Railway Applications

Railway Applications

For Railway Applications

Whether you're commuting to work in Los Angeles' Downtown financial district, or enjoying L.A.'s thriving nightlife on a night out at Universal CityWalk, the LA Metro can take you there. Glenair rugged high current/high voltage connectors and interconnect systems are integral to the AnsaldoBreda A650 subway train that keeps Los Angeles in motion with modern style and efficiency. Glenair rugged industrial power connectors for mult-phase power applications are also currently deployed on Trains for Regional Service (TSR) in Italy. Designed and manufactured in cooperation with AnsaldoBreda and Keller, TSRs are double-deck Electric Multiple Unit trains with distributed power, consisting of two MCH motor coaches with driver's cabs and one or more intermediate motor coaches. Glenair is also proud to be one of the main suppliers of connectors and interconnect systems for New York City Transit Authority’s new R160 subway cars. And the V250 High Speed Trains which connect the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels. These trains are completely in conformity with the European Technical Specification of Interoperability Рthey can adapt to the different voltages of the various European railway networks.

For Industrial Mining Equipment

Glenair supplies high current/high voltage single and multi-pole connectors with electrical rating up to 750A Current, 3000 VAC for a broad range of industrial mining equipment. Single and multi-pole cable and fixed connectors, with reliable clamping mechanisms, high-temperature tolerance and environmental sealing are supplied for use in large form-factor mining equipment including shovel and crowd motors.

Technical Charateristics
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IRT Connectors

IRT Connectors

Rectangular High Current/High Voltage Multi Pole Power Connector
Section A
ITS 901 Connectors

ITS 901 Connectors

Reverse Bayonet High Current/Mid Voltage Multi Pole Power Connector
Section B
ITS 500 Connectors - Reverse Bayonet Single Pole Power Connector

ITS 500 Connectors

Reverse Bayonet Single Pole High Current/High Voltage Power Connector
Section C
UJ Series Connectors

UJ Series Connectors

Section D