Glenair Standard Catalog Part Number/Site Search

What’s with the Ads?

“Google Custom Search” now pushes ad content onto our site. Clicking on an ad:

  • Won’t help you find the Glenair content you are looking for
  • Wastes your time with spam and other sketchy stuff
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Search Tips

  • You may search for catalog and data sheets for specific part numbers by using the basic part number series code and not the entire part number.
  • For example search for '310' instead of '310-F-S-001-M-16-D-T'.
  • You may also search for standard catalog part numbers for many Glenair product lines by using the full and complete catalog part number in your search. Non-standard catalog part numbers are not indexed or available on the website. Please contact the Glenair Engineering Department for assistance with non-standard catalog part number data sheets.
  • Use the separate Same-Day Inventory to search for stock availability. This database is not available in the Glenair Site Search.
  • Use the separate National Stock Number to Glenair Part-Number Cross-Reference to search for the equivalent Glenair part-number if you know the National Stock Number. This database is not available in the Glenair Site Search.