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Hybrid fibre optic/electric conduit assembly

Another interconnect product line where Glenair is apply ing its winning formula of availability, fast turnaround and worldwide technical support is fibre optics. The use of fibre optics as an alternative data carrier to copper wire is not new. In 1976 the U.S. Air Force replaced a wiring harness of an A-7 aircraft with an all optical data link in its airborne light technology program (ALOFT): 302 electrical cables, over 1,200 meters in length and weighng over 40,000 grams were replaced with 12 fibres, 76 meters in length, weighing less than 1,700 grams. Today, the advantages provided by fibre optics extend far beyond weight reduction to include faultless data-link performance, RFI/EMI/EMP immunity, enhanced data transmission security and almost unlimited communications bandwidth.

Glenair's fibre optic expertise includes the design and manufacture of off-the-shelf cables and components as well as custom, packaging solutions. Our fibre optic manufacturing and test facilities feature a complete fibre optic extrusion line, precision multi-station grinding and polishing equipment for termini and connectors and complete optical inspection using optical power meters, microscopes and OTDR equipment. Precision machined connectors, adapters and transitions, including hybrid connectors for combined optical and electrical applications, are produced using close tolerance CNC machining, milling and Swiss automatic equipment.

Glenair is the world's only quick-turn source for D38999 Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies. Select environmental versions as well as inside-the-box receptacle assemblies directly from our catalogue! See our website for complete information.

For more information on our Fibre Optic Interconnects, Cables and Accessories, please contact your local Glenair country sales office.

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