Glenair Nano Miniature Connectors bring space-grade performance to miniaturized interconnect systems

The Glenair Nano Miniature Connector is a precision machined interconnect designed for demanding applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles, missile systems, satellites and aerospace helmets. Built to the new Mil-Dtl-32139 .025" center nano standard and deisgned for 30 awg wire and smaller, the Glenair Nano Miniature Connector offers performance advantages unmatched by other miniaturized interconnects.

Stainless Steel Shell: Only Glenair offers .025" center Nanoconnectors in 300 Series stainless steel, which offers superior mating/un-mating cycle performance as well as better shock and vibration characteristics. The material also eliminates contact contamination from aluminium wear and degradation, and provides a stronger, more durable thread profile for mounting hardware.

Precious Metal TwistPin Contacts: Only Glenair Nano Miniature Connectors use precious gold metal alloys for BOTH pin and socket contacts. The precious metal material eliminates contact impedence and corrosion problems typically encountered when gold plating is attempted on highly miniaturized pins and sockets. The spring tempered 8 indent crimp TwistPin contact system provides superior contact retention, especially in high-temperature applications.

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