Micro-D Connectors and Assemblies

Glenair's Micro-D TwistPin Connectors offer uncompromised reliability and performance in a micro miniature package. Suitable for applications requiring reduced size and weight, these MIL-DTL-83513, BS9523-F0002 and BS9524F0013 approved products serve in missile systems, avionics, battle field gear, radar and other demanding military applications. The rugged design permits a variety of commercial applications including geo-physical exploration, medical diagnostics, telecommunications, and other industrial equipment. The connectors are ideal for applications requiring a robust contact system coupled with environmental performance.

Glenair's Micro-D TwistPin connectors feature a unique low force, rugged spring pin recessed into the insert to prevent contact damage. Epoxy sealing and interfacial seals provide maximum environmental protection. The 3 amp contact system can be terminated to #24 through #30 AWG insulated wire. Liquid crystal polymer insulators and machined aluminum connector bodies withstand up to 200°C operating temperature for demanding environments such as those encountered in geophysical exploration. Commonly supplied as pre-wired assemblies, these connectors feature a precision eight-indent crimp joint for outstanding reliability. Avail able in a wide range of sizes and configurations including both .075" and .050" contact spacings, Glenair's Micro-D TwistPin products are adaptable to a variety of unique packaging needs. These connectors are part of Glenair's complete Micro solution, including Sav-Con® connector savers, aluminium and composite backshells, mounting hardware and custom cable assemblies.

The Glenair Micro-D
TwistPin Contact System

Glenair's Micro Miniature TwistPin products are available now. Hundreds of part numbers, including solder cups and pre-terminated pigtails, are available for expedited, shipment. Please telephone our Mansfield, England factory at 44-1623-638100, or fax us at 44-1623-638111 for complete price and delivery information.

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