Miniaturized Cable, Box and Harness Assemblies

Our cable assembly plants in Glendale, Chicago and in Mansfield, England provide wired, terminated and tested cable harnesses to military, industrial and commercial markets worldwide.

From Overmolded Fibre Optic and Electrical Cable Assemblies for the F-18 fighter to Micro-D Sub-Miniature Harnesses for the telecommunications industry, Glenair's assembly facilities have the engineering expertise and manufacturing knowhow to address any cable assembly challenge.

Our custom assembly expertise extends from one of a kind to mass produced; from simple point-to-point, to complex multiple branch, Micro-D, Nano and Fibre Optic assemblies.

We offer a complete range of jacketing, shielding and braided protective covering options including NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) materials. Our Overmolded Cable designs are selected for extreme durability and resistance to caustic chemicals.

Glenair's line of Cost-Saver EMI/RFI Junction Boxes is approved for use by the UK MOD and the US Navy. The corrosion-free composite thermoplastic boxes are available as discrete components or may be integrated in EMI/RFI assemblies. Box assemblies are ideally suited for applications where ongoing access to connector terminations, terminal boards and internal box components is required.

Glenair's complete capability in interconnect systems also extends to the design and manufacture of Bulk Multi-Conductor Cables, including electrical and fibre optic configurations.

Our custom multiconductor cable is available with or without extruded jacketing, shielding and protective coverings in configurations to meet virtually any requirement. Braided Shielding is available in tin-plated copper, nickel-plated copper and tin-plated iron/copper (SnCuFe). Tubular Sleeving, such as black dacron and jacketing made from Neoprene (Polychloroprene) and Hypalon (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene) provide additional mechanical and environmental protection.

For more information on our custom assembly services, or on any of the other products and services in Glenair's World of Interconnect Solutions, please telephone Glenair UK Ltd. at 44-1623-638100, or fax us at 44-1623-638111

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