Customer Specified Cable Harness and Box Assemblies Are Our Speciality

Glenair's expertise in the design and fabrication of high-reliability interconnect cable assemblies is simply unequaled in our industry. Since 1959, we've built some of the most challenging harness applications the commercial and military aerospace industry had to offer. Today, we're servicing an expanded range of customers from the telecommunications, geophysical, rail and marine industries with the same high levels of quality, reliability and service our aerospace customers have relied on for years, including:

Overmoulded Cable Harness Assemblies: Overmoulding and jacketing technology using Viton®, butyl, or neoprene is the perfect solution for fuel cell cables and other applications which must exhibit extremely high integrity while fully immersed in fuels, liquid chemicals or other caustic solutions. Typically, such cables must be able to withstand penetration and degradation from caustic fl uids for their entire life-span, as any failure could potentially cause a dangerous safety condition or interconnect system failure. Since 1985, Glenair has manufactured over 35,000 overmoulded interconnect cable assemblies with zero real-time failures. The capabilities originally developed by Glenair to produce the F-16 fuel-cell assembly (shown above) have been successfully applied to overmoulded aircraft cable assemblies for the F-18, F-22, the V-22 and the F-2. We have also applied this same wire protection technology to harsh-environment cables and harnesses for geophysical, rail and marine applications. The technology is ideally suited for both electrical as well as fibre optic systems and is supported by our factories in the US as well as in the UK.

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