Wire System Maintenance and Connector Tooling

Glenair is uniquely positioned to solve one of the major problems faced by owners and operators of interconnect cabling systems: access and availability to the diverse range of tooling required to put the systems together and fix them when they break.

At Glenair, "one-stop-shopping" for interconnect tooling means much more than just a thick catalogue of part numbers. Because we operate our own interconnect harness assembly plants, we are intimately familiar with all the tooling required for successful fabrication and test of top-quality harnesses.

Glenair can provide your organization with a free tooling needs analysis to determine the optimal assortment of tooling required for each application. And helping customers select only the exact tools they require for each operation is just one of the ways our custom tool kit service can save you both time and money. Glenair Custom Tool Kits may be specified for a particular connector series, such as the D38999 Series III, or for the unique requirements of a complete electrical or optical interconnect system. We have built custom kits and work stations for the off shore oil industry, for military and commercial aerospace systems, for traction applications and for the telecommunications industry. Our Fibre Optic Termination and Video Bore Scope Inspection Kits include both our own unique tooling and fixtures as well as the best fibre optic tools from other industry manufacturers.

Glenair custom kits are available with specialized marking and labeling to ensure your in-house procedures and quality measures are adhered to by technicians and mechanics. Glenair calibration, test and repair services insure that critical tooling is quickly and efficiently serviced and returned—ready for immediate use. For more information on Glenair's Wire Preparation and Connector Tool Kits, please contact your local Glenair country sales office.

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