Glenair: One Stop Shopping for All Your Interconnect System Tooling Requirements

Factory and field assembly of electrical and optical interconnect harnesses requires an extensive array of specialized tooling: from wire cutters and strippers to contact termination tools, contact insertion and removal tool, connector holding tools, shield termination tools, circuit testers and more. For large applications, such as the avionics system cabling in a wide-body commercial jet, literally hundreds of unique tools are required to assemble, install and service the interconnect cabling.

Glenair manufactures many of the specialty tools used in high-reliability in terconnect harness assembly. And we are distributors for a wide range of additional tooling from the industry's other leading manufacturers. In the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Nordic region, Glenair has built a reputation for providing turnkey interconnect tool kits and tooling service pro grams. Military and commercial customers consistently choose Glenair as their tooling supplier due to our unique ability to provide:

The termination of multi-pin crimp contacts for use in military applications is controlled by MIL-DTL-22520G which defines crimp depth, size and the other key parameters necessary to ensure good mechanical and electrical performance.

Glenair custom kits are available to address everything from the contact crimping and assembly requirements of an entire interconnect system to the maintenance of a single connector series.

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