Convoluted Tubing and Metal-Core Conduit Systems

Our full-spectrum line of conduit products is a perfect example of Glenair's commitment to providing comprehensive interconnect solutions. Nowhere in the world, under one roof, does anyone supply as broad a spectrum of conduit product offerings as Glenair.

We manufacture and stock a huge range of user-installable and factory-installed conduit systems. Components include plastic convoluted tubing, metal-core conduit, shielding, jacketing, fittings, adapters, transitions and other accessories. Glenair's plastic convoluted tubing provides a durable, highly flexible enclosure for wiring systems, with end-fittings and transitions to meet almost any need.

Glenair's Annular Convoluted Tubing is constructed from thermally-stabilized Kynar. Our Helical Tubing is available in the industry's broadest range of materials including PTFE, Tefzel®, PFA, FEP, Kynar and halogen-free, lightweight PEEK.

Glenair's Flexible Metal-Core Conduit Systems offer state of the art EMI protection, from simple electrical grounding to tempest secure communications, and provide complete compatibility with virtually every type of electrical connector. Available materials include helically-wound brass, nickel-iron, and stainless steel, with welds at each joint to insure a continuous airtight seal.

Depending on the customer's EMI, mechanical or environmental requirements, a broad selection of Overbraiding, Shielding and Jacketing is available, from tin copper, nickel copper, phosphorous bronze, stainless steel, Nomex, Halar, PEEK, Dacron, Kevlar and AmberStrand.

Glenair's Convoluted Tubing, Braiding and Flexible Metal-Core Conduit Systems catalogue describes our complete range of standard offerings. Custom designed conduit assemblies, including harsh-environmental overmoulded designs, crush-proof metal-core systems and shielded EMI/RFI assemblies may be built to your exact specifications.

For more information on Glenair Conduit Systems and Fittings please contact your local Glenair country sales office.

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