Conduit comes in all shapes, sizes and materials...and nobody offers more systems and fittings than Glenair

From laboratory test equipment and transportation applications to hostile environments involving above-deck ship board use, telecommunications equipment, airborne and submarine applications, our convoluted tubing and metal-core conduit provide outstanding wiring protection. Glenair's conduit systems are available in the widest range of materials and constructions in the industry—the right weight, duty and protection level for every application. And because we manufacture both the conduit as well as the adapters and fittings, we can offer complete, turnkey designs and assemblies faster than anyone else in the business.

Clockwise from upper left: Glenair plastic convoluted tubing may be specified with or without a wide selection of shielding, jacketing, protective over-braiding and strength members; Ruggedized metalcore conduit features a variety of EMI/EMP braided shielding and jacketing options; Glenair's flexible waterproof MIL-C-24758 conduit and associated fittings are designed for use in naval applications; Glenair's full spectrum product line includes the world's most complete selection of plastic convoluted tubing, metal-core conduit and fittings; Glenair's factory installation and assembly services provide terminated and tested assemblies ready for immediate use.

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