Circular and Rectangular Connector Accessories

Composite Thermoplastic Backshells:
Glenair is the recognized leader in composite thermoplastic product development for the interconnect accessory industry. Products include EMI/RFI and environmental backshells, conduit fittings, cable clamps, protective covers and more.

Glenair manufactures and supplies brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium Circular Connector Accessories as well as the broadest selection of conductive and nonconductive Composite Thermoplastic part numbers in the industry. A full range of plating and other finish options are available including cadmium-free alternatives. All rotatable styles offer self-locking options and feature complete metal to metal contact between the back shell and connector for minimum voltage drop across the interface.

For overall shield termination, Glenair backshells provide full 360° peripheral grounding of the shield. All common shell sizes, configurations and termination styles are fully supported, including advanced EMI/EMP/HIRF/TEM PEST shielding and termination systems.

Glenair's metal shell D-Sub miniature Backshells are available in various styles including straight, 45° and two 90° end and side entries. We also offer a complete line of Micro-D Backshells in industry standard and custom designs.

For price and delivery information, or for copies of Glenair's Circular, Rectangular, Composite or Military Standard Connector Accessory catalogues, please contact your local Glenair country sales and support office. For your convenience, backshell catalogues, part number development programs and Same-Day Inventory search services are also available on the Internet at

Glenair D-Subminiature backshells are designed for MIL-C-24308 applications

Glenair manufactures and supplies hundreds of thousands of connector accessory part numbers

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