Rugged Connectors for Geophysical and Offshore Applications

High Temperature, High Pressure Connectors and Bulkhead Feed-Thrus for Seismic, Wireline, and other Downhole Applications

Rugged Connectors for Geophysical and Offshore Applications

Resolving Gas, Moisture and Particle Ingress Problems in Geophysical Applications with High-Temperature Glass Hermetic Connectors

Interconnection devices permanently sealed by glass fusion are ideally suited to prevent the transmission of air, moisture, and other gases into electronic equipment used in downhole and other well completion applications. Hermeticity is expressed as the rate of leakage volume of helium per second in time, and glass-to-metal seal technology achieves highest possible hermeticity ratings (up to 1x10-10 CC He/Sec.) High temperature vitreous glass is used to provide a robust hermetic seal between metal conductors (contacts) and metal connector shells. Glenair is the recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability glass hermetic connectors, and can integrate the technology into virtually any connector package or series.

Improving Durability and Total Cost of Ownership for Oil Patch Connectors and Cables

Designed for use in geophysical and other hostile marine and oilpatch applications, Glenair's Series 22 Geo-MarineĀ® connectors, cables and bulkhead feed-thrus offer high-density insert arrangements and advanced environmental sealing. Specialized corrosion-resistant materials increase system integrity and lower system cost. Standard mated stainless steel plugs and receptacles deliver a hydrostatic pressure sealing capability of up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and are available in either glass-sealed hermetic or with rigid dielectric environmental insulators. Customized HTHP Connectors can be engineered with Inconel® body/pin materials or other exotics. Other features include single-start, stub-Acme threads for quick coupling and superior resistance to thread fouling and binding due to dirt and other foreign matter; a castellated and knurled plug coupling ring which provides easy mating and unmating, even with arctic gloves; and plug shell leading edge configuration which assures key-keyway alignment and engagement prior to mating of the plug coupling ring threads.

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PC Tail Termination Note

To prevent detrimental intrusion of cleaning solvents/water into the connector when terminating, the connector must be protected IAW IPC J-STD-001 and/or NASA STD-8739.3. For assistance and/or additional information, please contact factory.

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Well-Master™ 260 Micro-D

Well-Master™ 260 Micro-D

The Micro-D Connector for Serious, High-Temperature Applications
  • 260° continuous operating temperature
  • Angled mounting ears for easy fit in cylindrical equipment housings
  • High-reliability TwistPin contact system utilizing special hightemperature alloys on .050" pitch contact spacing
  • Solder cup, pre-wired or printed circuit board terminations