Modular High-Speed Micro Connectors

Modular High-Speed Micro Connectors

Innovative Modular Micro Solution for RF and High-Speed Digital Links

GMMD: The modular Micro-D differential twinax high-speed interconnect solution. Hybrid design accommodates both high data-rate and low-speed signal requirements in a single micro miniature connector package. Signature Nano TwistPin differential twinax contact modules plus Micro TwistPin signal-contact inserts incorporated into high-reliability Micro connector shells for easy integration in mission-critical high data-rate applications.

  • Standard Micro-D M83513 shell sizes and hardware
  • Low crosstalk, high-bandwidth Nano-TwistPin twinax modules for 10Gb/s performance PLUS high-density Micro-TwistPin contacts for lower speed signal data.
  • SMT receptacles for easy PCB mounting and optimum high-speed performance
  • TwistPin contacts deliver excellent resistance to shock and vibration as well as low contact-resistance
  • Cable and 90° PCB configurations for matched 100 Ohm differential impedance performance from I/O to board
  • Hybrid layouts include high-speed twinax, 50 and 75Ω coax, mixed signal and power

Signature Nano TwistPin differential twinax contact modules plus Micro-D TwistPin signal contact inserts incorporated into high-reliability Micro-D connector shells for easy integration in mission-critical highdatarate applications.


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Modular High-Speed Micro-D Connectors

Innovative Modular Micro Interconnect Solution for RF and High-Speed Digital Data Links

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Modular High-Speed Micro-D Surface Mount Receptacles

Modular High-Speed Micro-D Surface Mount Receptacles

Horizontal configurations feature 0.635mm PCB pad spacing except on the high-speed lines where they are spaced at 1.27mm.

Vertical connectors use 0.635mm PCB spacing but can have the pins on either side or both sides of the connector to increase the pad-pad distance and reduce cross talk on the high-speed lines. "VRI" option includes integrated hardware and O-ring option for panel-to-receptacle sealing.

An alignment pip is integral to the connector housing for accurate registration. The connector shell mounting legs provide a ground path.

Connectors are designed for use with SMT reflow soldering processes.

Surface-Mount Receptacle Connector Dimensions

Surface-Mount Receptacle Connector Dimensions

  • GMMD-VR Vertical PCB-Mount
  • GMMD-HR Horizontal PCB-Mount
  • GMMD-VRI Vertical PCB-Mount, Integrated Hardware
Modular High-Speed Micro-D Cable Assemblies

Modular High-Speed Micro-D Cable Assemblies

Designed to be used with the Glenair backshells to achieve excellent EMI screening, coupled with Glenair braid.

Glenair will supply your complete cable harness using high quality twinax in 28 or 30 AWG and 24-30 AWG low speed signal wire, with alternative wires types available. Please consult factory for space-flight specific applications.

Glenair GMMD plug connectors on one or both ends as required. Other connector types can be used, please consult the factory.

GMMD plugs include a ground spring to ensure best EMI shielding and ground continuity between plug and receptacle.

Coax Design Sneak-Peek

Coax Design Sneak-Peek

GMMD Coax Connectors utilize proven Nano TwistPin contacts to create a signature 50Ω coaxial contact system for the innovative, size- and weight-saving GMMD connector.

  • The smallest rugged multiway RF coax connector in the market
  • 50Ω on 3.18mm pitch with shield isolated from connector shell
  • PCB edge-launched for optimized 20GHz highbandwidth performance
  • Compatible with RG-178
Mod Code 474 Keying Option

Mod Code 474 Keying Option

Prevent Mis-Mating with Mod Code 474 Keying Option

Keyed Micro-D connectors for "fail-safe" circuits feature specially modified shells to prevent mis-mating. The plug shell has a raised key, and the receptacle shell has a keyway.

The nine pin connector accommodates three key positions. All other sizes have five positions available. The letter code following Mod Code 474 specifies the key position. "474A" plugs mate to "474A" receptacles.

Mod Code 428 High-Temperature Epoxy

Mod Code 428 High-Temperature Epoxy

Upgrade to 200° Celsius with Mod Code 428 High-Temperature Epoxy.

The search for oil and gas has led to deeper reservoirs where extreme temperatures and pressures test the limits of electronics design. Oil well logging instruments must be able to withstand temperatures beyond the limits of standard connectors.

Micro-D connectors are made from temperature-resistant materials. The Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) glass-filled thermoplastic insulators easily withstand 400° F. The Fluorosilicone seals, TwistPin contacts and aluminum shells also are rated for continuous exposure to 400° F. The epoxy potting compound is the only component not rated for high temperature. Mod Code 428 upgrades the standard epoxy with a special 600° F. epoxy.

Mod Code 429 for Space-Grade Applications

Mod Code 429 for Space-Grade Applications

Save Time and Cost with Modification Codes for Space Grade Micro-D's

Micro-D TwistPin connectors are a good choice for all types of orbital and deep space projects. Glenair Modification Codes provide special processing for Micro‑Ds to meet NASA requirements without the need for a customer 'Statement of Work' or 'Specification Control Drawing'. This section explains Glenair Modification Code ordering, and provides valuable information on outgassing and other space flight topics.