Sav-Con Connector Savers and Bulkhead Feed-Throughs

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Sav-Con Connector Savers and Bulkhead Feed-Throughs


Glenair's Sav-Con Connector Savers are designed to mate with standard, medium and high density multi-contact circular Mil-Spec connectors and test cables which are subject to repetitive mating cycles during manufacture and test. The connectors are available for virtually every cylindrical connector in use today.

One of the most dramatic applications of our Sav-Con connectors is on the space shuttle Orbiter where they provide protection for the umbilical connectors from liftoff to touchdown on every mission. For specialty applications through bulkheads, into sealed compartments, or for extended high-temperature operations, Glenair manufactures a complete line of hermetically sealed bulkhead feed-through connectors with pin, socket or pin-to-socket contact gender.

Key Features and Benefits

Glenair's Sav-Con connectors are available in general duty, environmental, and high-performance versions. Glenair Sav-Cons feature one-piece non-removable pin/socket contacts for maximum reliability and minimum affect on circuit resistance. Shell materials and finishes range from cadmium or nickel-plated aluminum to stainless steel and nickel-plated titanium. Glenair's Sav-Con connectors are designed for the lowest possible profile and boast the lowest overall connector saver length in the industry.

Sav-Con Connector Savers and Bulkhead Feed-Throughs

Worldwide Technical Support

Glenair staff in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy and Japan can provide you with assistance in selecting, or engineering, the connector saver or bulkhead feed-through to meet your needs. Please call our worldwide headquarters at 818-247-6000, or your local Glenair office, for direct technical assistance.

Ordering Information

For price and delivery information, or for a copy of Glenair's Series 94 Sav-Con Connector Catalog, please contact our US corporate headquarters at 818-247-6000, your local Glenair office, or any one of our family of independent sales representatives and distributors.

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