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For general purpose applications, electrical connectors and accessories are conventionally constructed from brass, nickel aluminum bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and more recently, from titanium. For applications where weight savings and advanced corrosion resistance is required, Glenair offers both conductive and nonconductive composite thermoplastics as a major alternative material.

Glenair is the recognized leader in composite thermoplastic research and development for the interconnect accessory industry. In fact, no one else has tooled even a small fraction of the composite thermoplastic connectors and accessories available today from Glenair. The growing product line includes cable junction boxes, strain reliefs, banding adapters, connectors, conduit junctions, end-fittings, and more.

Key Features and Benefits

One of the most appealing attributes of Glenair composite connectors and accessories is their enhanced corrosion resistance (as compared to metal), when used in exposed environments such as above-deck ship board applications. This is because conventional metal interconnect components are extremely susceptible to corrosion due to galvanic coupling. The typical weight savings for composites over aluminum is approximately 40% (depending on component design), which translates to direct savings in the targeted application as well as potential additional weight savings in supporting structures.

Worldwide Technical Support

Glenair staff in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy and Japan are ready to help you take advantage of the weight savings and anticorrosive properties of these exotic plastic materials. Please call our worldwide headquarters at 818-247-6000, or your local Glenair office, for direct technical assistance.

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Ordering Information

For price and delivery information, please contact our US corporate headquarters at 818-247-6000, your local Glenair office, or any one of our family of independent sales representatives and distributors.

The Complete Capability Company

In addition to being the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connector accessories, Glenair offers a complete range of fiber optic systems, specialty connectors, conduit, composite thermoplastic components, assembly tools and custom cable assemblies. Glenair maintains the world's largest inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec connector accessories, and boasts the industry's fastest turnaround on quotes and custom orders. Our worldwide presence has made Glenair the supplier of choice for companies whose business interests, like ours, span the globe.