Circular Connector Accessories

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Circular Connector Accessories


No where in the world, under one roof, does anyone manufacture and supply such a complete selection of commercial and military connector accessories: from simple wire bundle strain reliefs, backshells, dummy stowage receptacles and protective covers, to advanced electromagnetic shielding and termination systems, extender backshells, pipe thread adapters, shorting caps, and cable sealing backshells; Glenair produces literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to meet every application need including virtually every Mil-Spec accessory ever documented.

Key Features and Benefits

Glenair manufactures and supplies brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium connector backshells as well as the broadest selection of conductive and nonconductive composite thermoplastic accessory part numbers in the industry. A full range of plating and other finish options are available. All rotatable styles offer self-locking options and feature complete metal-to-metal contact between the backshell and connector for minimum voltage drop across the interface. For overall shield termination, Glenair backshells provide full 360 degree peripheral grounding of the shield. All common shell sizes, configurations and termination styles are fully supported.

Circular Connector Accessories

Worldwide Technical Support

Glenair staff in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy and Japan can provide you with assistance in selecting, or designing, the proper circular connector accessory for each particular application. Please call our worldwide headquarters at 818-247-6000, or your local Glenair office, for direct technical assistance.

Ordering Information

For price and delivery information, or for a copy of Glenair's Circular Connector Accessory Catalog, please contact our US corporate headquarters at 818-247-6000, your local Glenair office, or any one of our family of independent sales representatives and distributors.

The Complete Capability Company

In addition to being the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connector accessories, Glenair offers a complete range of fiber optic systems, specialty connectors, conduit, composite thermoplastic components, assembly tools and custom cable assemblies. Glenair maintains the world's largest inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec connector accessories, and boasts the industry's fastest turnaround on quotes and custom orders. Our worldwide presence has made Glenair the supplier of choice for companies whose business interests, like ours, span the globe.