Lipless Adapter Shrink Boots

Lipless Adapter Shrink Boots

Series 77 lipless heat shrink boots provide excellent protection from environmental debris while providing strain reliief and withstanding harsh work environments where exposure to fuels, solvents and other fluids is likely. Lipless boots require no adapter, and adhere directly onto the threaded rear iterface of connector providing a low profile solution. Shrink boots are available in 8 material types, including low smoke/zero halogen, low outgassing flouropolymer, Viton®, and high performance elastomer. Boots are available pre-coated with or without adhesive.


Straight Boot 770-005S


Straight Boot
Shim Boot 770-019SB


Shim Boot
Straight Shrink Boot 770-027S


Straight Shrink Boot
Right Angle Boot 770-005A


Right Angle Boot